NuWave Phono Converter needs a checkup

This is a discontinued product, am I still able to send to PS Audio for repair? Still working fine as a straight phono preamp, but when connecting with USB to laptop for recording it keeps losing connection and the screen goes dark.

When my NPC had the same fault they replaced the mainboard under warranty. If you unit is out of warranty which it most likely is you would have to consult them as to what the repair cost would be.

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Thanks. What was the turnaround time for you on the repairs?

It has been quite a while since that repair took place. More than a year ago. I really don’t recall how long it took. I was glad to have it working again though. That i do remember. Good luck with your unit.

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Yes, we’re still able to repair the NPC. Lately the team has been quite speedy about the repairs. Rough turnaround is about 2 weeks.


Very good, thanks James

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