NuWave Phono Converter - Display issue related to USB


Just ran through some trouble-shooting with the gang at PS Audio regarding the display on my NPC not working other than very briefly during power-on or reset. We tried to power cycle it, tried the reset button, installed the latest (0.55) firmware but none worked.

During one power-cycle I unplugged the USB cable that connects it to my Mac, powered it on and it worked normally. The display came on for the set 10 seconds and awoke at a button press. Hopeful, I turned it off and reconnected the USB cable, powered it back on and it was back to it’s brief illumination and non-responsive to button presses.

So I tried a different USB cable - didn’t fix the issue.

We tried connecting it to a Windows based PC - this didn’t work issue.

But as soon as I unplug the USB cable from it and power it up it works fine.

They’re working on an RMA for me but I’m curious to see if any other NPC owners have experienced this?

After some poking around it seems other members like @cutandcover and @sixpack1 have had the same problem requiring the main board to be replaced. Since my NPC is now out of warranty (purchased Apr. ‘17) I was given a repair estimate of $250 plus shipping both ways.

Trying to decide whether it’s worth the $350 or whether I should just get into the habit of unplugging the USB to change settings. Sound-wise it’s fine via USB to my Mac and via Coax to my digital preamp. I just can’t use the display with USB connected.