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Think again…


i hate reading this kinda stuff. not exclusive to audio by any means. from laundry detergent to wrist watches…always makes me wonder “what’s really inside”. we live in an age of marketing and spin on steroids (we use to call this lying ).


In comes as no surprise to me. Think of it like this most all items are from a design already done and must be made to sell at a given price point for general use. Now if you have deep pockets and can pay much more . The same design with some mods and a no cost object device is made. It is better to a point and only those with deep pockets can afford.

Al D


I think it gives the hi-end market a bad reputation. Aside from the moral repugnance of Simaudio not even informing Denon, or prospective buyers, this behaviour creates a climate of uncertainty in prospective buyers that can only serve to harm the hifi industry.


Yes I agree but after all there is only so many ideas to ponder. For the most part hi end Hifi is just that , but that depicted is dreadfully portrayed in the link. I for one do not like to open the magic box unless I have to because it is almost always a letdown … I own a denon 5805 ci now this unite is so well made and the way all of it fit inside is a marvel , but do not almost at any price point …

Al D