HiFi Rose 150B

This thing looks great. Anyone used it? SQ?

It gets discussed on Audiogon. SQ is great by accounts but some units have had reliability issues. I forget the details but most seem happy

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I saw one on display at Audio Solutions in Indianapolis. Sound quality seemed good and the display options were plentiful. The OLED display is definitely the coolest feature IMO.


It’s more “general purpose HiFi” rather than “extreme high end hifi” based purely on it having both a display and a GPU / video output, both of which might increase internal noise.
Having said that if it is well laid out and built inside, it might be still be really good, and that display and soft button layout does look rather excellent :slight_smile:
A bit like having a streamer with a Streamdeck built in :slight_smile:
Software support is another matter that needs research too - if they were as well adopted and loved as the old squeezeboxes, and the company either continues to support, or open sources their software, then they could be usable for a long time.

And who wouldn’t want this beauty? GaN FET based with loads of power and features. If I were starting over I’d give this a serious look along with many other “highly integrated” solutions.

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I am interested in their streamer very much, the only thing holding me back right now are the, seemingly many, reports of QC and reliability not being up to snuff, esp for the price. Waiting to see if they get it sorted.

I don’t even care if it powers up.

I would place one on a shelf so I could just stare at it.

I am a sucker for knobs (Keep it clean boys), switches, levers and slides.

(It might be just a touch too busy though.)


I’m with you, that thing looks cool

You mighta liked my very first receiver:

I still have:


I didn’t know it was GaN FET based. Cool.

I have the ps audio junior. Is hifi rose rs105 a upgrade as a dac? Does anybody has compare them in audio level?