New Power Plant Video

We just finished up a new video of the Power Plants if any of you want to see my ugly mug violating your video screens, head over here

Thanks for watching! :smiley:

Very nice Paul. My video screen has seen much worse than your mug (such as my own).

Great video! I agree with your assesment too. The video is not working on Facebook though.

Nice vid. I also liked the story board explanation of the powerplants that you did last year - it was very effective and I’d suggest that should be available still on the site. Can it hurt to have to complementary videos on the site?

No it can’t hurt and you’re right, I’ll put that one back up.

OK, thanks for the comments. The video has been shortened, I added my title so newbies know who is yapping on the tube and used Youtube instead of Vimeo. I am finding many people have been having slow responses from Vimeo service. Let me know what your experience is.


A great video Paul, and especially, for someone that just bought a pair of P10s and love them :x Yes indeed, that story board was very nice too and to the point. As for the ugly mug, I think that mine is worse. We are about the same age as I recall.


Great video that really explains the power plant listening experience, well done!

Thanks guys!