New PS Audio Building

Back in March Paul announced that PS Audio would be moving to a new building across the street. The move was supposed to happen in July, but over the last three months there hasn’t been any mention of this happening. So, what’s the status? Fully understand if there have been delays, just curious!

I believe the move starts in earnest in August but maybe someone at HQ can jump in…

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Buildings like engineering projects always seem to take longer than planned. Demolitions of walls and the basic remodeling is done and they are in the painting phase. Tons of last minute change overs too. I am guessing now we’ll be partially moved in around the middle of August. One bummer is the new sound rooms. They won’t be finished until November because of complicated permitting issues and then the building of them. There will be a period where our listening room will be in limbo which really freaks me out.

I’m still emotional scarred by the demolition of the anechoic chamber.

Thanks for the update Paul! When building or remodeling the schedule always gets thrown out sooner or later. It’s certainly disenheartening that the sound rooms will be delayed, but will you be able to access Music Room 1 for at least a couple more months? On a related note, I’ve had to shut my system down for a few weeks since I “rescued” a kitten from the neighborhood. The little monster is a demon when she gets wound up, nothing is safe in the house!

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Me as well. It will stay burned in my memory.

Yikes! Well, you’re a good soul for rescuing the feline. No, we won’t have access to Music Room One much past September so during the interim we may crank up the IRS Betas in the new recording studio room and stack the IRS until the big rooms are done.

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