New PS Audio speakers?

What about a smaller one?

There’s 4 smaller versions coming before the two larger versions.


Thanks Paul. I will probably also upgrade the 700s to 1200s when the speakers are available.

Thanks Paul. Any guidance on how big a room would be needed for the various models (perhaps something to think about providing when you get closer to release)?

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Paul- given your frequent advocacy of a subwoofer, would any of them be designed to be paired with a sub? The height of the FR30 isn’t a problem, but the depth makes it challenging for a smaller room, esp. when we want to follow your recommendations for placing them away from the back wall. Starting to save my pennies now to get my M700s a friend…

They can all be paired with a subwoofer for sure, though in many cases and rooms you won’t need one. These babies go down to depths people will have jaws dropping over.

Indeed, they are a bit deep but, the good news, they won’t need to be as far from the front wall as most speakers so they should be about even.


Will you or Chris put out some design videos to explain the depth and other aspect of the speakers? I love to hear the story, similar to the BHK and DSD videos.


Soon. We’re working on gathering together some thoughts about this but I don’t want to just off the cuff them. Maybe another month or so.


Great looking speakers! Can’t wait to see the others as well.


I am sorry but not my cup of tea. I prefer traditional furniture looking speakers. And it is important to me. That is just me.

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Same with me… walnut… I am into contemporary, but more mid-century modern… and that is walnut.

Speakers have to look more like furniture, and not conspicuous art.

Bruce in Philly


In the latest release of Stereophile on page 37,38 I see the FR-30. Given that RMAF was cancelled when will you be releasing info on this speaker?

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In all of the current magazines there are a lot of audio companies teasing about releases at Axpona or RMAF. Sucks that none of that will get to happen …

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Maybe Paul could bring them out at the next Michigan game at half time so 110000 people could see them ? :slight_smile:


Think of the tailgate party he could put on!

I’m surprised @Paul doesn’t do a dedicated PSA RMAF in house. Open the doors to everyone and put on a few systems which are already pretty much done. Have an employee meet & greet then do some presentations etc. It could’ve easily been done with no need to drag equipment anywhere. The old saying “If you build it, they will come” I believe still works. :slightly_smiling_face:


From what I have read Covid-19 safety was the reason RMAF was cancelled. I have no doubt PS Audio would love nothing more then to show off the products and facilities to everyone. it’s not going to happen at the expense of everyone’s safety.


So you think people would travel from all around the country to Boulder just to see one manufacturer’s new product when they can go to brick and mortar stores in any major metro area and see dozens of latest and greatest offerings from the major audio manufacturers who are not direct-only (which is virtually everyone that matters) and at same time be able to compare those offerings against one another in a fixed setting to see what actually sounds better before dropping $25k???

Last weekend I demo’d Martin Logan ESL 15A speakers (also $25k), Wilson Audio SabrinaX and Sasha DAW, and Klipsch La Scala on a variety of amps. Cost: free! And I now know how they compare one to another.

I guess if you want to hear these PSA speakers before putting up $25k then booking a flight to Boulder is what you might need to do though.

As my original question, when will info be released on the FR-30? Sorry but a 3000 post topic isn’t what I’m looking for?

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If someone is that interested in PS Audio offerings, specifically the speakers, yes. I flew across the country to go to Harman before purchasing my JBL M2’s. It’s a very small price to pay when you’re going to make that kind of investment. Further, being able to speak with the designer(s) is advantageous to someone technical.