New PS Audio speakers?

Thanks Paul. I will probably also upgrade the 700s to 1200s when the speakers are available.

Thanks Paul. Any guidance on how big a room would be needed for the various models (perhaps something to think about providing when you get closer to release)?

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Paul- given your frequent advocacy of a subwoofer, would any of them be designed to be paired with a sub? The height of the FR30 isn’t a problem, but the depth makes it challenging for a smaller room, esp. when we want to follow your recommendations for placing them away from the back wall. Starting to save my pennies now to get my M700s a friend…

They can all be paired with a subwoofer for sure, though in many cases and rooms you won’t need one. These babies go down to depths people will have jaws dropping over.

Indeed, they are a bit deep but, the good news, they won’t need to be as far from the front wall as most speakers so they should be about even.


Will you or Chris put out some design videos to explain the depth and other aspect of the speakers? I love to hear the story, similar to the BHK and DSD videos.


Soon. We’re working on gathering together some thoughts about this but I don’t want to just off the cuff them. Maybe another month or so.


Great looking speakers! Can’t wait to see the others as well.


I am sorry but not my cup of tea. I prefer traditional furniture looking speakers. And it is important to me. That is just me.

Same with me… walnut… I am into contemporary, but more mid-century modern… and that is walnut.

Speakers have to look more like furniture, and not conspicuous art.

Bruce in Philly

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