FR10 Speaker

Hi Folks,
Any word on the expected release date of the FR10?

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Did you check Paul’s Posts on 3/30?

Chris unveiled a prototype pair of FR10s to the staff, and I saw Terri’s eyes light up.
We won’t be able to share anything until closer to the year’s end, but…
Fingers crossed.
Stands or boxes? – PS Audio

And you can see the part of FR10 baffle and the woofers:

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We don’t have a firm release date on these yet but it’s looking like early Q4.

We have finished the tooling (you can see the compression molded fiberglass resin composite baffle section there in the video) and are currently at the beginning of our pilot production process (making a small sample run with finalized production parts and materials).

I’m really happy with how these have turned out as far as bringing as much of the performance of the larger models as we can to a smaller form factor and price point, so we’re looking forward to sharing more when we get closer.


Is the FR10 style-wise similar to the FR20 and FR30?

Thank you Chris.

Yes, the aspen line of speakers all have similar cosmetics and design cues. We are considering a satin finish on the smaller models in the line however.


Thanks Chris!


Will there be a smaller stand-mount “FR5” 2-way future speaker in the PSA FR loudspeaker line up?


Yes. We’re working on that one now!


Thanks Chris for your quick response!

Does PS Audio need FR10 or FR5 Beta Testers…I’m game! :wink:

Ya’ll enjoy AXPONA 2023!!


Well, I’m not certain of our plans for beta but, yes, please reach out to our sales staff and we’ll get you on the list of potential beta customers, when avaialbe.

Speaker Beta testing is a little bit of a misnomer because, there aren’t software bug fixes or functionality changes that we see with things like electronics products. While we have changed packaging a little an tweaked a few things based on user feedback, we’re not necessarily going back to rework a design based on a Beta feedback unless there is somehow a major oversite or issues of some kind (something we have not yet experienced in speakers).

I think it’s mostly a program to get some early feedback and discussion into the community on the experience and sound quality and help give a more complete impression of the product (outside professional reviews etc).


Is this FR10?


Good eye!!!

Certainly seems like it. I had to check the FR20 page to be sure. It is taller than I expected, but without seeing it next to the 30 and 20 it is hard to gauge the size. Seems like it may be narrower than the 20.

And the tweeter is above the mid range which is different.

I own FR20, I can see the differences. No passive radiator (maybe one on the other side?), smaller woofers, and the tweeter is above the mid range.
What I can’t tell is whether the mid and high drivers are the same as FR30/20 or smaller version.

It has to be a “subtle” reveal by Paul. Why else would he shoot an AsK Paul in the warehouse?

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Because I am lazy. :blush:

That is a prototype of the FR10, yes.


The tweeter is the same, the midrange is a smaller version of the same planar technology we use in the FR20 and FR30.

There are three passive radiators on the rear. Fabulous sounding speaker. Can’t wait until this fall when we launch it.


Heard it here first, folks. Intriguing!