New PS Audio speakers?

This weekend I had the chance to go to Mala Audio Analog Center just outside Oslo and listen to the new FR30’s. I think Mala were one of the first dealers in Europe to get them for demo. They look even better in real life than I have seen on picture and the finish is very nice. They were put in a quite large listening room, 7x12 meter and with a ceiling height approx 4 meter. As you can see from the picture the electronics in front was top of the line. Constellation pre and mono blocs, Esoteric CD player and Aavik streamer/DAC. I listened to the FR30 for half an hour,playing different tracks, and I can tell you right away that this is a amazingly good sounding and balanced speaker. All instruments and voices sounds very natural, there is nothing pointing out, and the sound is seamless from bottom to top. When I sat down in front of the speakers I immediately start listening to the music in stead of listening to the gear or any defect in the sound. This tells me that the design of the speakers is very balanced, and natural sounding.Not too much/less base, mid range and top was airy and open with no edge. Speakers disappeared and the sound stage was wide and big, between and outside of the speakers. The system together with the FR30 sounded amazing, it was just like a I had a band playing live in front of me :hugs:
I also had the chance to listen to the same tracks in other listening rooms with other gear, but this was clearly the room with best and natural sound. This dealer is like a “candystore” for a hifi guy like me, and I had the chance to listen to other high end speakers like Børresen, Marten Parker etc, so it was a perfect day :grinning:
The only problem I can see with the FR30 is that they are too big for my listening room, so hopefully there will be a smaller version soon…