New PS Audio speakers?

Thank you Paul for your update.

Thanks for the update! Re-excited and feels so good.

Sounds good, are there any beta tests coming in the EU?

More love Michael

Ouch. Now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head.


Sleek and not being behemoths sounds promising.

The Rowen Overtures weren’t too far off. They have 2 x 8" sub woofers radiating diagonal to the floor/wall and sealing/wall, 2 x 6" bass couplers one in the front and one in the back, a 1 kHz to 28 kHz Linear Motion Transformer in the front (proprietary Rowen) and a dome tweeter in the back.

Not quite the 4 x 8" + 2 x passive radiator bass drivers though.

The big important issue for me is to get that bass (equally as the treble) through even at low volume setting of the amps. I hope all that bass power can beat the previous semi active approach.

While I have become convinced of the concept of (semi) active speakers I for Look forward to see the new design, because it is nice/fun to follow the PS Audio speaker designs.

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Yes, we always have beta testing in Europe and a bit in Australia and Asia too.

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Good catch but now you’re caught. 70’s soft rock can go both ways :grimacing:.

Sounds very promising, hopefully the new design will be better than the latest revision, is more polished and have the drivers exposed. And hopefully these will be efficient, >95dB

I grew up with and adore B&W speakers. Landed some 804d3’s early this year with stereo REL S/812s in a room with plenty of excellent treatments (GIK and ASC iso-thermal tube traps) in a room that was professionally determined (sound meter) to be killer even before treatments. Great right? Anyway, trying to figure out my next bold audio move. I’ve been waiting on these speakers, but I’m looking at others, too. Maybe 4-pack RELs? We shall see. Oh, and lemme know if I can be a beta tester here in Denver. I’d pick 'em up with my truck. :slight_smile:


Just curious if there has been any release dates set

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I’d say Summer 2021

If PS Audio would know they would announce it, both the Octave Player as well as the Perfect Wave SACD Transport are announced before they are sold.

PS Audio seems to hunting the holy grail with the speakers both for it being profitable and sounding best.

So is the FR30 going to be the entry model? I remember awhile back you said the entry model(before the revisions) would be around 6k or so. I ask because if this is the case, the price tag is just getting higher and higher and people like myself can’t afford to drop 15k or more on a pair of speakers as nice as they may be. I’ve been waiting on a new purchase for your new line to come out but if that’s the entry point at 15k my wait is over lol. Im not bashing anything either, sometimes you just can’t afford something. Just curious because if I wont be able to afford them, I’d like to just move on and not wait anymore.

The way it looked when Paul said that these FR30, or whatever they will be called upon release, are targeted for US$ 15000 those are still the entry models into the high end speaker range.

Maybe PS Audio is working or will be working on Stellar speakers. I.e. lower end speakers, if the FR30, now all passive, may cost US$ 15000. Perhaps a Stellar full range floor-standing speakers may cost US$ 6000.

These are US Prices off course, EU prices will be even higher, if PS Audio has not changed the export price structure for the speakers at the time of release.

The FR30 is going to fall right into the middle of our full lineup of speakers. After finalizing the design for the FR30 we’ll work on speaker models that are smaller and of course less expensive and eventually work on a few series of speakers that will be larger and more expensive than the FR30. So the FR30 is going to be the baseline for both the smaller and larger series that we have planned.