New PS Audio speakers?

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Just came to read about the FR30’s and had to be reminded of the last 10 days recuperating from … well you know what. Haven’t had much desire to listen to music during that time. I got complacent and decided to invite a small group of vaccinated friends over for my Birthday, and 8 days later… bam.

Anyplace I could listen to the FR30’s in the NYC area? I haven’t been this excited about a speaker for a very long time.

Anyone know if they will be at the NY show? I know it’s a way off.


Glad you’ve turned the corner. It’s hits folks differently.

Thankfully it was very gentle with me. Knew I had from test results only, no symptoms whatsoever.
A double blind test wouldn’t have proven anything.


You aren’t withou compettion

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Glad you’re through it, nasty stuff!

Including the ones for which Paul posted in-home installation videos? I was under the impression that those were the first production units.


Mmm, yeah I think it’s semantics. The guys here have essentially been calling those guys the beta crew.

Of course it doesn’t matter to me, but it might to them. :wink:


I am still hopeful that Paul and Chris stop by my place with speakers by accident :wink:


Here, let me help you out by posting your address:

“2606 Shady __________” (Oh, wait, that’s my address. Sorry.)



Pls tell me what is the thickness of the top plate (Ex:15mm) and voice coil (Ex:20mm) for Aspen FR30’s 8 inch woofer driver?

We aren’t using a traditional gap configuration like that. We are using an XBL split gap configuration. It’s an 18 mm top plate that has been machined in to two 6 mm gaps (with a 6 mm gap in between housing a non-ferrous faraday ring). The coil is about 13 mm long and commutates between the multiple air gaps to give a quite linear BL versus excursion and gives us +/- 10 mm at 82% BL (klippel’s definiton of xmax/XBL) and +/- 13 mm at 70% (the older definition that is along the lines of gap overhang or a rating for subwoofer drivers.


So it’s short voice coil 13mm? That’s great! I prefer short voice coil woofers, which is like Westlake or TAD.

In regards to FR30 crossover in the woofer network. To meet the requirements of low distortion and high dynamics for music signal transmission, I believe that the DC resistance of the crossover inductance coil should be less than 0.4 ohms, and it should be able to transmit more than 50 watts of power when the amplifier outputs 2.83V. I hope that the inductance coil is wound with a wire diameter of >2.0mm (cross-sectional area of ​​3.14㎟), so that the DC resistance can be as low as 0.2 ohm, and the damping factor value is as large as about 30

Can you show photos and structural diagrams of the 8" woofer driver?

Would you like the FEA too? :rofl:


Will it be in Munich?

Well, it has lot more in common with short-coil long-gap “underhung” hifi drivers versus a pro audio style short coil driver. It appears that Magico is using a similar arrangement in their new big subwoofer and it has been used in a few other kinds of woofers, headphones and tweeters.

Just google XBL^2. Adire had a bunch of documents years ago (it’s their original design) not sure if they still do.

Here’s a pic of the dual gaps: