New PSA phono amp coming that will stun the world

designed by Darren Myers for PSA, out end of this year

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I was waiting for it since years,

It was before Donald and Vince brought me on the digital route of my journey.

Still interested in this phono-pre designed by Darren if it ever comes to life, take Paul’s announcement with a grain of salt, we know his passion sometimes makes him fight against the calendar!

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Are you going back to analog? :astonished:

With the latest Mountain Top FW, a new wall outlet, plus another expensive silver power cord, I felt I do not need to go back to analog ever!

Wait! you are a MSB guy now. Well, you don’t know what you are missing, and what I am talking about. I surely missed our “similar system” talk from the past.

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And the new MSB S202 amp might be delivered next week, this is the reason why I’m frying while I’m on my last days of vacation (please don’t tell my wife I’m thinking about audiophile stuff here on the beach!).

Also my Mediterraneo TT is going to come back home after a few weeks of maintenance and precision re-setting at Gold Note headquarter. Analog is in my blood, sorry. Even though I rarely play records now, it’s always magical when occurs.

And it keeps me away for a while from fuses and cables!


MSB is a great brand! Let us know how the DAC matching up with the amp! MSB needs fuses too right? Try a few Masters, they should help unless they send you the one vmax had. :laughing:

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I’m lucky: the fuse rate of the MSB DAC is 5A like the EU P20 I already own. So I’m able to experiment with the Master Vmax Enemy, if and when I want investigate deeper this funny rabbit hole.
The amp sports a 10A fuse if I remember well, no hurry at all, some burning in weeks will already keep me busy as soon as I come back home.
And occasionally a few vinyls, new Puritan cables, BlueJeans REL cables… can’t wait!

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After a long vacation, I always eager to hear my system again. Usually I will have some tweaks going along the way. :laughing:

Looking forward to hearing from your review on the Master (or 2nd?) in MSB.

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any news???

Depends which year. :blush: We’ve had to rework areas of the PCB again so that delays it until fall of 2024.