What ever happened to the BHK Phonostage?

I was patiently waiting for the top of the range Phonostage that Darren said he as working on. As I was bored waiting I purchased a Stellar Phonostage that I’d keep until the BHK (or whatever it was going to be called) phono appeared. Then Darren left and I thought that was that.
Moving on I think the Stellar is so good that maybe it can’t actually be improved sufficiently to make it worthwhile.

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good question, January 8, Paul posted plan…fall 2024

BHK never finished the phono stage. We got a really nice head amp design but nothing finished. We turned instead to Darren who knocked out a killer phono that will turn the industry upside down upon its release this late summer.


Yeah, it is a killer stage and for many, as good as it gets. That said, as I mentioned, Darren finished the design for us and his protégé, Jordan Kamper, is nearly done with getting it production ready. It is leaps and bounds better than Stellar which, as you have already guessed, is one heck of a feat.


Paul, how many inputs? Will there be a transimpedance capability?

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What is the projected price?