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This from another forum and all reports are over the top for sound and performance!
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Started by Ed Pong Post by Ed Pong
I’ve been recording classical chamber music on 15 ips tape for about 10 years. And offering only tape copies…

I’m happy to announce UltraAnalogue Recordings is releasing selected tapes for digital download in 2 formats:

DSD128 and 24/192kHz FLAC

This is to give audiophiles who do not have tape decks a chance to hear these wonderful recordings…

These are 1st generation 2xDSD recordings of the 15 ips analogue master tapes. The PCM FLAC files are derived from these DSD128 copies.

IMHO I feel 2xDSD comes closest to the analogue master tape character…
The only thing better is an analogue tape copy from our website!

Please have a look:

There are 4 Free Sample downloads - please have a listen…
Opening of Danse Macabre & Paganini Caprice No.5

Here are Steve’s comments on these & the downloads from the analogue tape section of this Forum:

I hope you will enjoy this timeless music!


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