Dynaudio Evoke 50 speakers... Thoughts?

Due to recent health problems with my “significant other” (breast cancer), I am now back on the hunt for some speakers to replace my Amphion Argon 3 LS. I have narrowed it down to the ATC SCM 40 and the Dynaudio Evoke 50. The latter I am going to listen to at my dealers in 2 weeks time. As far as the amps are concerned, they will drive them fine (M700’s). The ATC’s have 3 sets of binding posts, and the Dynaudio has just one set, which suits me better. What are the thoughts of the forum on these 2 pairs of speakers?


I hope she makes it through safely!
From personal experience, Dyns and Amphions are low sensitivity (85 - 87 db) i.e. to get reasonable detail, you’d have to crank up the volume, which may not be good for a sick person at home.

I would look at something with 90db such as the excellent Spendor D7.2, or Monitor Audio Platinum PL200 II.

even with a pair of M700’s?

D 7.2 are 8 ohms and can handle 200w unclipped. M700 delivers 350w into 8 ohms. It’s always advisable to leave some headroom. Another benefit of the D7.2 (and similar models) is that you do not have to pull them far from the wall to make them sound good.