New Sub Opinions required

I have been contemplating a new sub for a short while ( amp upgrade next year now). I currently run a S 300, and have narrowed my choices down to 3 models… MJ Acoustic Ref1 MK4 and 2 RELS S/510 and S/812, single units and not pairs. Am in the UK. Any thoughts? PS seem to favour Rel

I currently own a REL S5 SHO along with SVS and Rythmik subs. The REL does not work well in my situation. My room is small with hardwood floors and is on the second story (suspended). With the REL the sustain portion of the musical envelope is in-correct. Notes last a 1//4 to possibly a 1/2 second longer than they should due to the passive radiator. This is most noticeable in the kick drum. I do not have this problem with either the SVS or Rythmik subs. If you have carpeted floors the issue may not be as noticeable to you. I do not have any experience with MJ Acoustics.

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Long time REL user here. No experience with MJ. I have a pair of T/9is. I did consider the S series, but have zero regrets about the T/9i pair. Why? Because as a long time REL user IMO the REL class AB plate amp is one of the design features that distinguished REL from all the competition for music systems (but not necessarily home theater). REL has departed from that with class D plate amps in the S series. I considered a single S/510 or S/810 versus the T/9i pair and decided on the T/9i pair because REL is still using its tried and true AB plate amp in that model. You’ll have your reasons for not using a pair, but at least this REL users rationale is something to consider.


A pair of T/9’s would be fine if they can connect to a class D S300 OK, I have a UK made BK XXLS 400, but it seems to have a fault that seems intermittent, and has been returned twice, but nothing can be found at fault, so I am writing it of, and going down the Rel route as they seem to be good with PS designs (High level). My deaker who I bought all my PS gear from, has gone for a pair of T/9i’s, and they are very good, so he said

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Two T9’s here. Yummy. I hook each up to their corresponding speaker, not the amp. It works swell.

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Since you live in the UK, check out the range at Sub Woofers - Sub Bass - Subwoofer . BK Electronics make a range of subs which are very good on any terms, and are outstanding value for money. I use one on each of my systems.

Sorry. Just noticed from your later post that you already use a BK sub.

About 12 months ago was in the similar position Subwoofers - need to get your opinion

ended up with a Rel S812 and I’m really really happy
the plan is to grab another next month.

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I have dual Legacy Audio Foundations…great subs and really get the job done!