Subwoofer dilemma. One or two?

In this main space, I’m contemplating adding a second subwoofer, so I’d have one behind each of the speakers next to the fireplace. (Getting Magnepan .7’s soon, for what it’s worth.)

Currently, I do have two subs in there. One Cambridge Minx X201 under the buffet in dining room, and the Cambridge Minx X301 behind the left speaker in front of the fireplace. But this would be about adding another one to the right of the fireplace.


  1. Go for another X301. Easy solution, matches the other one. They are around $450 each.

  2. Get a pair of completely different (better?) subs. Move the existing X301 to the buffet location, and move the X201 into a different room/system altogether.

The Cambridge subs are fine. I don’t slam anything, so it’s really just to provide depth to the existing speakers. But with the new Maggies, I think two back there might be a good call. I can always just order an X301 from Crutchfield, test it out, and send it back if it doesn’t do what I want.

But any recommendations for a pair of subs for this space? I’ve considered REL’s, and that’s an option, obviously. When I use their “subwoofer matcher” the T/7i is the recommended sub for either the Harbeths or the Maggies in that room. But at $2000 for a pair, it’s more of a commitment.

So, would you add another sub? And if so, what would you do? Be prudent with another $500 cambridge? Or bite the bullet and do the $2000 pair of RELs? Or something in between? (Any other $500 sub recommendations?)

Full system info is here:

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Definitely 2.

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Very nice room, I use 4.


ok, yep, two is the correct answer.

Now, the real question was whether to stick with a second Cambridge Minx X301, or upgrade/shift to something else.

The REL T/5i is $599, so not much more than the Minx. (But again, I’d need two RELs vs just one more Minx.)

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I think that depends solely on your budget I believe if you take the REL route you’ll find you will not have the urge to upgrade from there.

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yeah kinda thinking that might be the case :see_no_evil:

I prefer REL, BUT if you’re keeping the Cambridge Audio, adding the same makes more sense than another brand which could have a different characteristic. I’ve found Cambridge Audio being one of the best bang for the bucks in terms of performance over price, and doesn’t get enough love around snobby audiophiles but they make good stuff!


The only real complaint about the REL is the price (they make great quality subwoofers).
The 7/7i is down -6db at 30hz. and has a built-in 200 watt amp.
SVS SB2000 is $799 (black ash) $899 (glossy black) and is down -3db at 19hz with a built in 550 watt amp.

yeah, another one I’m considering is the SVS SB-1000. $499. (Although I want white, which is an extra $100 it appears.)

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Unfortunately, I can’t promote the SVS subs I’ve had nothing but trouble with mine and I bought them new two years ago they’ve already gone through three plate amps their customer service is outstanding, but I know I will have a problem when the warranty is up.
I have the SB ultra 16s

My SB3000’s have had no issues so far…(knock on wood)

I’m in the minority who says try one and see where that gets you.

I’m also in the camp who thinks REL is the best way to go.

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I’ve had my REL S/5 SHOs for four years I’ve had no trouble whatsoever with them when the SVS are all working fine they are a very nice sub, however the RELs are more easily integrated into my system I have no problem at all. I find the SVS are a little harder to get to integrate with my speakers.

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The same shop where I’m getting my Magnepans also stocks RELs, so I’ll do some research when I pick up the Maggies.

Now to wring my hands over high-level vs low-level subwoofer connections. :face_with_head_bandage:

If you go with the RELs, Use the high level input if you choose another brand that doesn’t have it no worries it’ll work just fine I have both and I have no problem with either input.

I use the Golden Ear Forcefield 4. Inexpensive and well matched for my system.


If you are switching to Maggies…I would suggest REL. People seem to have good luck matching them to Maggies (I couldn’t do it with SVS subs, but I sold the Maggies).


The best judges are your ears. Does the Cambridge 301 satisfy you’re ears? -When playing with the, by the way, much better looking, Harbeths. I do also really like the hand made stands.

If you feel you miss bass, a second one is unlikely going to solve that for you unless you force them to boom. Only a different subwoofer is going to provide a really different sound.

If you are happy with the sound, the second 301 is going to improve it by making them less room dependent as you have multiple waves that reflect different in your room. Probably improve your soundstage.

High level is best if you trust you power amp to provide the full bandwidth, this can be an issue with tube amps with low quality output transformers. A solid state power amp should be fine. Although both, high and low level inputs, have a high impedance, the impact of the input impedance of the subwoofer has a much bigger effect on the low level output of your pre amp then on the high level output of your power amp. If your subs don’t offer high lever inputs, don’t even worry about it, your pre amp or source would have to have a really low quality output stage if it would make a huge difference.

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