One REL S 812 or two REL T9i's subs

My Tannoy Cheviots’ is rated at 38hz. powered with line magnetic tube integrated amp. I want to Stay with REL subs. I can only afford one 812 or two T9i’s. Given the specs of 800 watts -6db @19hz with 12in woofer on the 812: 300 Watts -6db@ 28hz with 10in woofer for the t9. My room is 16 x 20 with 13ft high ceilings. Three walls and an open area that leads into the hallway and dining room so, lots of open space. which will give me the best results? Thanks for any input.

Two is always the better option than one and the specs are not significantly different.

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My advice would be to look for a pair of used S/510. I would also suggest given Rel a call to discuss. I’m a big believer in dual subs but not sure how the T series compares to the S series.

I have a pair of S/510 subs and recently I had to take one of them offline for the holiday season (Christmas tree had to go somewhere). The difference was startling to me. I would recommend two of the T subs over one of the S line for sure.

I am currently running two T/9i subs and unless I buy new main speakers I hope to upgrade to a pair of S812 subs. I am really happy with the T/9i subs though. Really happy.

I’ll never do one sub ever again.



If you want to upgrade from the T9i’s you really need to look into the Rythmik F12’s. I have never had the hum issues people on this forum have with REL subs and I have used them with the BHK amps and multiple Class D amps.

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Give Rel a contact, the S812 maybe too much of a good thing, I was going to get a pair of 812 when they recommended 510s instead for my speakers (Cube Nenuphar). Even with the 510 my volume on the subs never go above 1/4. Moral of the story, call Rel, T9i’s may be just right for you, although I suspect the 13ft ceiling may require a step up.

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Hum issue? I am a hard core REL fanboy. I have no hum issue. :slight_smile:
I will look into what you propose and thank you for doing so!

Me either but seems to be a common issue on this forum almost everyday. I’ve owned REL’s in the past and prefer the Rythmik’s. Also owned HSU, SVS, ACI and Vandersteen subs. For music if your willing to follow Vandersteen’s high pass connection system they are still the best but getting more expensive all the time.

I read a review on the F12 and it said many impressive things. -2 dB at 14 he. Yikes! For the price someone could buy it just to try it. Less expensive than the 9/Ti. I use high level inputs on my REL. what would be the way the F12 should be connected? Not home theater, no sub out on my gear. It seems like one hell of a sub.


I hook them up with a set of Dueland 12 gauge cables with removable banana plugs so if using an A/B amp I just use bananas from the amp to the subs. If using the BHK or a Class D amp I remove the bananas on the negative amp terminal and ground them to another ground source. With your Gryphon you would just use the opposite of what you’ve got connected for the Wilsons. If your using spades on the amp end with the Gryphon then just bananas for the Rythmik and either one on the sub end.

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Okay, there went 90 minutes of study. The F12G seems very interesting.

Amazing. I was expecting six pack no:25 rel from you… :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I went one S812, took my time and then got a 2nd. Got them both from Nick at TMR. I think that is the best bet. But then I have one listening spot and am 2ch only. I love REL but I have tended to go T9 or similar and undershoot my expectations. Last year I had two F113s so when going back to REL, I wanted to stay in the same ballpark performance wise.