Stellar P3 Power Plant

I have searched without successfully finding the power consumption of a Stellar P3 Power Plant when it is on in normal sine wave mode and any connected equipment is either off or in standby mode. Is it consuming power from my wall outlet in that case? And about what wattage might that be? Thanks.

It consumes about 25 watts at idle which is about the same as a night light.

That’s great Paul. Thanks for quick reply!

A question:

If I switch off regeneration on the high power outlets, what kind of filtering remains on those outlets?

What is the power consumption when left on, NOT in idle mode?

With P3in idle mode and I power up, connected DMP and DSD (which are left on standby) go through the initialization every time. Is there any harm leaving the P3 on 24/7?


I know it’s in the manual, but just for emphasis, if you want to switch from regenerated to HC, turn off the P3 main switch and wait a minute or two before flipping that switch!

I blew the fuse by flipping that switch too soon after turning off the P3. Can’t find a reasonably priced 2A slo blow fuse anywhere (temporarily using a slightly higher value fuse — yeah, I know).

The days of spending $50+ on a fuse are over…

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Another question:

Has the MW formula changed with the latest generation of Power Plants? I’m using MW with the P3 and it seems superior to MW on the P5 which I continue to use (digital stuff. The P3 powers my preamp and DAC).

Interesting. The MW formula is the same. We did work on P3’s circuitry for the hardware and perhaps that’s what you’re hearing.

With the P10 and P5 I kept going back and forth — MW versus no MW. With MW, there was more detail, but sound seemed pitched to high frequencies.

With the new P3 on MW, I get increased detail, separation and depth, but no high frequency emphasis!

My question is what MW is the p3 closest to on the p5 or p20? 1-6?
Since the p3 is pre set.

I’d like to know this as well. :slight_smile:

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