Next DSD firmware update in 2020 or 2021?

this is true, sadly. My Antipodes CX > EX > P2 (plus 2 power cords, plus Ethernet, USB and HDMI cables) cost more than the DS. :roll_eyes:

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Hi Chris_y
Which digiital ic do you use for your dac?
I connected my EX directly too the PSdac using USB.

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Ted, how does this manifest in real listening? And just curious, was this introduced between Snowmass and Windom?

Those problems were never subtle: Many releases ago at rare random times the left and right channels would swap. In Yale every once in a while the channels would swap and slip by a sample. That usually resulted in everything sounding like it was in a large tunnel. These kind of things were fixed long ago, Windom, Snowmass, Redcloud and earlier can’t have that particular class of problems.


I used Curious USB for the EX direct to the DS. Now I use the Curious USB between the EX and P2 (Antipodes’ reclocker with various digital outputs) and the PS Audio AC12 HDMI cable to the DS I2S in. As others have noted I find the I2S best sounding, and least cable-dependent.

Thx Chris
I tried the same configuration of EX with P2.
Indeed, HDMI sounded the best to me.
But after listening longer I said goodbye to the P2 and now use the USB from EX to DAC.
I now use HQplayer on the EX and Windom on the DS.
Best SQ to me till now.

Are we guessing next release names yet? Oh wait, it’s not in Colo.


That is an impressive goal.

It is. I was following his progress then like most of us the pandemic put a wrench in the works.

Here’s a video about his goal:

Finished the home setup -super pleased.

Now for the office setup the plan is a Lumin U1, and Kii Audio Three speakers then I’m officially done!


Hi @Ted, I was wondering if the design of the next DirectStream firmware is already finished?

Can you share some insights if possible? Will the noise floor drop a couple of db’s?


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Don’t hold your breath…

The goals are still the same:

The low level noise will change a little, but probably not by a couple of dB.


You will receive a present for every db of noise reduction…:slight_smile:

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Any hints on time frame for the next DSD firmware release? I am itching to try DSD256!!

I’m wondering how we’d even be able to do this? What signal device can provide DSD256 over PS Audio compatible I2S?

Was looking into this as my own system is likely to be software upgraded to handle DXD and DSD128 and 256.

There is a thread about DXD 352Khz somewhere. Paul explained that the limitation for higher rates of DSD is the Bridge II processor. However, it can handle DXD via I2S.

If you look at NativeDSD, it explains and shows that the vast majority of DSD downloads have been edited with DXD (as it is the only way possible) and many are recorded with DXD. Many tape transfers are direct to DSD at up to DSD 256. Quite a lot is originally recorded in DSD 64 and then edited in DXD.

DSD 512 is a referred to as modulated. It is not a recorded rate, it is a kind of upsampled rate. Sort of doing upsampling to the original data rather, which is what some DACs do as well. Sounds pointless to me.

Given there is very little material produced in DSD and the vast majority is edited in DXD, that would seem to be the format to buy and let the DSD DAC do its thing. The Bridge II can handle DXD.

The only thing that it would seem could be improved are analog transfers to DSD 256, and then you need a DSD 256 transport. Good luck with that.

Seems to me an ideal solution would be Ethernet In / I2S Out, capable of providing data on that output at least up to DSD256.

I don’t think the Bridge II can process DSD 256. I think it’s limited to DSD64 and it’s a hardware issue, not software.

The Bridge II was pretty low specification when I looked at buying a DSD DAC in 2015/16. It did seem to me to be a bottleneck. I only bought a Devialet because the streaming card was being upgraded from something with a similar spec to the Bridge II to something with a lot more processing power. Ultimately they retro-fitted it in 2017. I think the reality is that these older DACs with ethernet hardware that goes back some 10 years, it just can’t handle these high frequency rates. The DSD DAC uses a third party ethernet card anyway.

The irony is I have little interest in these formats, but my Innuos server can handle DXD and DSD up to DSD512, and it can be sent to the Devialet Expert over a $10 ethernet cable. All that is missing is the software upgrade of the Devialet Expert to DXD and DSD256 (I suspect).

The other inputs, AES/EBU and optical do not have the bandwidth. The other route from Innuos is DSD by DoP that is limited to DSD128, which I assume is the usb limit generally.

This suggests that even with the Octave Streamer, DXD (32/384 PCM) over I2S would be the most sensible of these high frequency formats.

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I guess, Steve, although I would prefer ideally a device that could pass to the DS I2S port music in its original format. Still, even if we were to go with DXD384, who would make such a device? No one out there, to my knowledge, currently has such a product suitable for I2S.