Nice Price in USA. BUT Not In Denmark

The price On PS AUDIO´S Hardware in USA.
Is very good
_Totally INSANE In Denmark The Price Is double up _


What is the sales tax/VAT rate in Denmark?

Also, what is the personal income tax rate in Denmark?

This is an example. Price if I buy the BHK Signature 300 Mono Direct from PS-Audio.
Price with freight 15,198 Usd
Price with freight in: 95.139 Dkk.
Customs: 3.7% of 95.139 Dkk. = 3,520 Dkk.
VAT: 25% off (95,139 + 3,520 Dkk.) = 24,665 Dkk.
Total without import fee *: and the fee is approximately 300 Dkk = 50 USD
123,324 kr = 20,335,33 USD
This is the price if I buy the BHK Signature 300 Mono Direct from PS-Audio.
If I buy it from the Danish Dealer in Denmark then the price is
135,000 Dkk = 22,260.62 USD

Okay Not double up BUT

Actually I’m surprised the price difference is only that much. It’s not even 10%.

No doubt you understand that having an extra distribution layer in your home market adds to the price you pay there. The upside is local support and warranty service. Particularly important for a heavy item like a BHK. If you bought one from the US and needed to repair it, the return shipping (which you need to pay) cancels out the price advantage.

The prices have just been lowered a part to PS audio in Denmark and the cheap dollar helps it. Remember in Denmark there are 2 years guarantee in accordance with the Purchasing Act. Buy your equipment here in DK.

There are not many HiFI stores in Denmark, so it’s important to shop locally in your country. Then hand over the shops so you will not only be left with online shopping. Just my personal attitude - more love from Denmark.


Brodric’s point about warranty service is important. Outside the U.S. the distributor is responsible for warranty service so there has to be an additional margin to cover those costs. It seems pretty reasonable in this case. The U.S. does not impose a VAT but most states do impose sales/use taxes, which are not reflected in the price (and may not be collected by out of state sellers, although the buyer technically remains liable for the tax in that case).

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Hello, I’m sad with the noise that my post has created.
I’m probably just an old sour man. which seemed that the Danish state has too high import taxes. etc.

Again I’m sorry for my post.:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

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Du er ikke sur gammel mand og priserne har været meget høje eksempel sidste år. Men du kan jo altid høre butikken om gode tilbud. :smile::wink: PS jeg for mange tæsk her da mit engelsk er fra google oversæt lol - Så må man bare op på hesten igen :joy::joy::+1:

You are not mad old man and prices have been very high example last year. But you can always hear the store about great deals… :smile::wink::kissing_heart:

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This topic does come up from time-to-time. To me it looks like your distributor is being price sensible, and that is commendable. A 10% price saving would not tempt me to buy outside my local market.

No worries. We understand the frustration.

I spent my career in the laser business, and while industrial lasers are dangerous products and are subject to more stringent rules and regulations than audio amplifiers, there are still some general rules, obligations, and (more importantly) liabilities which will apply to the importation of consumer electronic goods. When you buy direct from PS Audio you are the importer, and those liabilities, together with any consequences arising, are on you, whether you are aware of them or not.

An example (which almost certainly doesn’t apply here, but it works for illustrative purposes) could be that the importer of an item of electronic equipment may be responsible for ensuring that the equipment is compliant with your local safety standards. It may have been shipped with a non-compliant power cord, for example. If your house burns down, and you haven’t obtained the required certifications, your insurance company may be entitled to use this as grounds to deny you coverage. You could even find yourself subject to legal sanctions.

Much better for the dealer (and/or the local importer) to assume those liabilities.

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Never occurred to me but makes sense Richard.

Remember Boys We in Denmark have one of the world’s highest tax pressures. The personal tax can easily be 48 percent. But we also have free schools, universities and free hospitals.

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And remember that the TAX is income related so
if you earn more than 65,000 in A year then you pay an additional tax of 15% so 48+15= 63 % in Tax. so think if you Earn 10 you have to pay either 4.8$ or 6.3$ for every 10$

And everybody calls the happy people. Oh no we are insane and are on happy pills

Here in Australia we also have free schools, free hospitals, and not only was University free for me I was paid to go. And I don’t pay any income tax, and my new Magico speakers (etc) get massaged with a 15% VAT. And I can get that tax refunded if I take a holiday out of the country within 60 days of the invoice date. Despite all that one of our citizens chose to leave the country for a life as a Princess of Denmark.

Don’t feel too bad. Americans think they have it good with their lower taxes until they add up the actual expenses of what you get for free. Try paying for health insurance and then put your kid through school for starters.

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Yeah, from my understanding the US health system is all messed up. I’d never go to the US without travel insurance. I’ve never had health insurance, I’ve never paid to see a doctor, I’ve never paid for an X-ray or MRI. And I pay $5.60 for any prescription medicine, for which I get paid a fortnightly medicine allowance of $7 whether I need any medicine or not. And my kids are in a Catholic private school. I do pay $1,700/year for a 13 year old, and $800/year for an 11 year old, and the government pays the rest. And I must remember to take them to the Dentist next week for a check-up, the government pays the entire bill for that.

That’s even better!

We purchase health insurance for each of our employees because the government doesn’t. If they have families, they must pay more out of their own pocket. The average person in this country pays about $500 a month for health insurance and hopes he doesn’t get sick because then there’s out of pocket on top of that. We pay into our unemployment insurance, our retirement account (called Social Security), property taxes (between 1% and 3% of your home’s value each year), sales tax which averages 8% of every purchase you make, gas tax and the list goes on as long as your arm. And for those taxes we get K through 12 school and roads, both of which are ranked some of the lowest in the first world. Not sure how Australia pays for all their services if you pay no taxes. Gotta be some way.

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