Nice site upgrade

Just want to say, nice work on the new website. Bring the high end feel to another level. Well done. I’m still doing some browsing around to see what’s new :slight_smile:


Yes indeed and very nicely done :clap: :clap: :clap: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I like it too.
Perhaps some darker text in a few places wold help these aging eyes.

The site definitely looks great! Question, anyone having issues with not being able to see registered products?

The site looks great!

Just saw the update to the site! Love it but more importantly, it says a lot about the direction PS Audio is going with the product families. Looking to see where the Sprout line goes.

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Personally I think things look too cluttered and hectic. Don’t see the need to view the avatar of those who posted in a thread. Also, is it my imagination, or did the font size get reduced? Having to squint or grab my readers now.

I sometimes check ask Paul on my iPhone. With the new site I press ask Paul and it brings me to Ohms Law. Anyone else have this issue?

I don’t have that issue no

Ask Paul link

Ohms Law link both via iPhone

I have one little issue with the new site… please remove the website banner from the forum page. Here’s why…

I use a 13" mid-2010 MBP (core 2 duo). This thing is the very definition of not fast but it lives in the media room, runs Roon ok, and is my primary terminal when I sit, listen, and browse the audiointerwebtubes (including these forums).

If I get too close to the banner at the top and it triggers it is litterally 8+ seconds to drop, render, and go away. And, with the low resolution of the 13" screen the dropdown covers 85% of the screen hiding the entirety of the forum. It, basically, locks up the use of the forum till the dropdown goes away.

I realize the right answer is “get a new machine” but I’d rather buy audio gear. Anyway, file this one under PEBCAK for my reluctance to upgrade but maybe, just maybe, such a heavy dropdown on the forum could be dialed back for us who cling to dinosaur laptops. Thanks

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The banner will not trigger if you keep the cursor to the left, inline with the PS Audio logo and further left.

This way I do not inadvertently trigger the drop down.