The new PS Audio website

Today, March 20th, at 5 PM MST, we will transition from our current website to a new version. The site should look and feel pretty much the same, but access speed and the number of visitors possible will ramp up rather dramatically.

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that everyone on the forums will have to login in and register separately on these forums.

Formerly, your PS Audio login served both the forums and the PS Audio site. Now the two have been separated.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have problems or need help do not hesitate to let me or Elk know.


No sleep for Elk tonight . . . .


New and Improved…looking forward to the new and improved…

Hopefully our previous posts will follow onto the new PS Audio website
and not be lost…

Best wishes Paul and Elk!!

Yup. No data should be lost.

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I so hope you are wrong . . . :slight_smile:


That’s why you get paid the big bucks, mister. :grinning:

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Can we use the same user id and pswd on the new site?

If we can’t, I’ll have to make up an alias. :wink:

This should be fine and I encourage people to use the same user name on the forum.

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Will my order history and product registration roll over to the new login?

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I think I’ll change my name to adifferentelk


It certainly should. Give it a day or so and check back to make sure.

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Well that explains it! Doesn’t recognize me at all but the forum working fine. Need to sign up as a new person, always wanted a do-over

Thank goodness, I need a new identity!

hopefully no more super long, complicated passwords…

Thank-you, very nice!

I see my product registrations and orders in the new site.

Is there a link to the new site? Or does the new site have the same address as the old one?

I used my google account with the link button. It worked and had all my purchases and product registrations but I do not see my credit from my trade in. As @Paul said I will wait a few days.

I just registered and my previous account info was carried over, almost. I found that my DS MK2 registration was disappeared. And I don’t see DS MK2 DAC in product name selection in new registration page. So I can’t register it again.