no connection support tips?

I connect my PST to my DAC via a coax out. I was disconnecting an internet feed and since then the PST says “No Connection” in the grey bar at the top of the display.

My DAC however says it has a connection.

I’ve tried several reboots. Everything else is in working (making sound) order.

Anybody got any hot tips on how to remedy this? Is there a fuse I can quickly check/change out?


The PST should show a connection if it has access to the internet through a CAT5 cable connecting to a router. Is that what you have? You mention a coax cable and that’s confusing. A coax cable doesn’t carry internet.

Okay this is embarrassing… My computer (streaming device) packed it in. I disco’ed it and then popped in a disc, an old and much loved copy of Dark Side of the Moon. CD transport froze after 2 seconds. I saw the grey message and assumed there was no connection with the DAC and started pulling cables, my hair, weeping, rending garments and generally getting perturbed.

So I go back to do some basic checks today, and discover… it’s the disc. Everything else in fine working order. I assumed the PSA transport had packed it in in some exotic way because it would freeze at 3:57 of the first track.

Sorry for casting aspersions on your very fine transport.

No problems. Thanks for letting us know.