PST questions

I got the new PST transport yesterday and after playing three cd’s…Im amazed.
I only can play redbook right now via my DIY JTDAC but these cd’s have never sounded sooooo good. The PST replaced a PS Audio Lambda transport that has had surgery a few times to fix the cd drawer…and I was real hesitant to finally replace it but what a new music experience this is now.

On the two BNC outputs for DSD…what do they connect to as the mating DAC does not have these inputs How do you use these?
My only pet peeve on the PST is that that loading/changing the cd is a pain as its now a two hand job, any advice on the best way???
Also are spare laser assemblys/belts availible for this

This is an amazing amazing transport and I havent even ventured into I2C SACD yet


I’m not an expert (disclaimer). I believe the only way to output DSD from the PST is with I2S. The PST I had experience with I had to go into a menu on the player and default SACD playback.

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your correct, but i thought the bnc’s were double rate DSD ouputs, i see XLR’s on the ps audio dac but not bncs???

I load CDs with one hand; can you explain what your issue is? Of course it takes two hands if you want to hold the jewel case and then remove the CD — but that is true with any transport.

Sometimes I have to wiggle the disk a little to make sure it is properly seated in the tray, which is a slight nuisance.

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It just seems there is no room to grab the cd from both sides

It is removing the cd is the hassle. Like you I make sure the disk is centered before closing

Can’t you just stick your finger in the hole of the cd? That’s what I do, with zero issues. I don’t understand the problem.


From the PST owners manual:

DoP Mode: This feature determines how double rate DSD (DSD128) files will be sent over the Coax and XLR outputs. The options are Split and Stereo. Split is the default.
In “Stereo” mode, the DSD128 signal is encoded into a 352.8KHz PCM frame. The same signal is sent to all Coax and XLR connectors. However some DACs are not capable of decoding 352.8KHz frames. In “Split” mode, each channel (L and R) is encoded separately in a 176.4KHz PCM frame. The Left channel will be sent to the the “L” connectors and the Right channel will be sent to the “R” connectors. The Coax-3 output is always in stereo mode.
The DSD layer of an SACD2 will only be output on the I2S output connector. DSD from data files will output natively on the I S output connector and in DoP format on the Coax and XLR output connectors.

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great tip, Ive never done that but using my pinkie works great

Thnks I guess its a moot point if you have HDMI/I2C and the two ps audio products… I was just suprised that the PS Audio DAC didnt have two bnc inputs. I2C is the way to go

IMHO, Unlike previous PSA transport using Korean or Chinese drive, PST has a truly excellent drive from a truly hifi maker. PST uses “SACD-M3” drive, same one in
Since SA-10 SACD still in market, I guess this drive might still available.

I2S is PSA preferred interconnect, IMHO, PST is for DSDAC , so, logically, the preferred connection between PST and DSDAC is I2S. As for those two BNC on PST, (or two XLS) is “marketing” feature.

That’s the same problem I have with my newish Panasonic 4K Blu-ray player, and RonP’s little-finger method works perfectly well… I guess this is just one of our many first-world problems… :slightly_smiling_face:

When I remove discs, I put my index finger in the center hole, and grab the disc edges with my thumb and middle finger. That index finger in the hole gives me enough extra “grab” to retrieve the disc without worry of fumbling it.


This is the way.