Non-Confrontational, Guarantied compliance for Social Distancing

EAT Plenty of ONIONs & GARLIC…


Ramps are most effective

Or how about the strongest fragranced eau de parfum…stronger
than eau du toillette…

That’ll keep 'em distanced…

If not then skunk works :grin: :laughing:

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In the spring in northern Pennsylvania, we would gather wild leeks. There is a reason leek rymes with reek.

I just wear my mask with my presidential candidate choice on it. It is not a popular choice in this neck of the woods. . . people generally give me a wide berth. :slight_smile:


as long as you are also wearing running shoes (just in case) :sunglasses:

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Oh I always do wear those. :slight_smile:

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I have seen a recommendation to use a Lee Enfield rifle with fixed bayonet. Lunge with this for a two meter reach. If the bayonet tip turns red then the other guy is too close. :slight_smile:


Gas…chili, jalepenos and onions.

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Add unmitigated skunk “fragrance”… :grinning: