Coronavirus - Munich High End Show 2020 canceled

Just saw this on facebook.

“The HIGH END 2020, planned for May 14th to 17th, has been cancelled due to the current intensified development regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus.”

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These are exciting times.

I forgot about this horrible week for a few hours, but thankfully I woke in a cold sweat around 3am.

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OMG, I hope I can go use my tickets for Rigoletto in Bregenz this year, if they now start to cancel any crowd happening over a few hundred people.

Wow! That’s nothing to sneeze at…


Ha ha! You win the internet today :slight_smile:

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++++ The HIGH END 2020, planned for May 14th to 17th, has been cancelled due to the current intensified development regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus. We will keep you in the loop. +++++

Hmm, I wonder if there’s any thought like this for AXPONA?

I hope not!!!

If it develops over here as it has in other countries, conventions are generally a bad idea.


I’m wondering if Axpona is next.

Axing Axpona and other conventions would not surprise me in the least. CA health officials are now saying that up to 8,500 may be infected in SoCal and not know it (yet) based on the recent case that popped up with no known ties to China or travelers. Who knows?

Was cruising around our local Home Depot yesterday looking at paint colors. This was in the paint dept location for basic PPE (personal protection equipment) - dust masks, safety glasses and the like.

Look for these items to show up on E-Bay at slightly elevated prices …

We’re all wondering the same thing.

There is not much we can do. Be cautious but don’t panic.

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From what I understand, the virus will be mild for 80% of the people who get it. Like a cold. (The cold is a coronavirus.)

Kids aren’t getting it much because they are already swimming in antibodies from all the viral germs at school.

Older people, especially smokers, are the ones who are getting in trouble. Turns into pneumonia and a smoker’s lungs are already compromised and inelastic and can’t fight it.

It’s VERY easily transmitted.

The scary thing is how it could affect (and already is affecting) the economy. Beyond the stock market indices tanking, entire shipping/commerce centers are shutting down. Travel is suspended. Businesses will likely shutter out of fear. No idea how this will play out in big cities/apartment complexes/office towers/shopping malls/sporting arenas. We’re already living on top of one another. Yikes.

Some epidemiologists say it could possibly be similar to 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. Big wave in late winter and early spring. Laid low for the summer months. Then struck back with a vengeance in late fall '18 into the winter of '19.

I’m not going to panic, but I’m thinking it might not be a bad idea to have some extra food in the pantry in the coming weeks.

Oh, yeah, wash your hands and don’t touch your face. :sneezing_face:

I wonder if airlines are making exceptions, waving change fees, etc) for travelers with non-refundable tickets?

what terzinator just said . . .

I came across an article that referenced a study of how (regular) flu propagation in college dorms was influenced by the use of masks and gloves. Bottom line: hand washing is more effective. Masks by themselves cut the risk of contracting the flu by 30%. Gloves by themselves cut the risk by 50%. The use of both cut the risk by 70%.

People have stocked up on masks, but boxes of disposable nitrile gloves are, for the moment, plentiful and cheap.

yeah on the masks… they were saying it’s more important for those WITH the virus to wear masks, so as to stop the transmission FROM the sick person.

For people who aren’t sick, masks are less effective.


At least for now AXPONA 2020 is still planning on being held as scheduled:


I am hoping they hold it as scheduled…this is a big show and record # of exhibitors and attendees…I am going and have all my travel plans set…