Getting colder there in Boulder? Flu shot time

It is amazing the cold snap…from broiling to snow maybe even…

I pray it be well with Paul and the entire PS A team…
For us " mature young 'uns" there is now a new quadrivalent
2 A stain 2 B strain high dose Fluzone flu shot available…
should be more effective than the old trivalent 2 A 1 B strain…

Be wise be safe…

Best wishes everyone…

Looks like we have about 4 inches of heavy wet snow on the grass this morning here in South Boulder. Time to get out there and shake the trees before they snap. Already had 3 or more short power outages last night. Looking at the neighbors trees loaded down and hanging on the lines I can see why.

Can’t complain though - this must be helping with the big fires north west of here (Cameron Peak), and the smoke has cleared.

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Took out a trunk of a multi-trunk willow in the yard last evening - fortunately toward the park and away from the power. The snow is very wet and heavy, and the trees are still fully leafed out, so lots of tree damage in the area. If one of the remaining trunks leaning over the house goes, that’ll be…interesting.
image image image image

Two days ago, we tied the record for number of 90+ degree days…

Dan - was reading yesterday that they don’t expect this to douse it - over the prior two days it doubled to over 100k acres burned, and is now officially touching on NW’ern RMNP

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Hope the snow and cold put out the fires and embers

It sure seems like a lot of work to clear out the broken fractured tree trunks and limbs…but probly should be done

Best wishes on that

Yes, maybe not out completely - it’s massive. I just heard on NPR that they are now letting residents back into the area. So sounds like it’s helped a great deal.

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Glad to hear that…

Now if we could get some of you local to area
dudes to sing off key loudly…maybe could get the sky to cry
in anguish to the cacophony :innocent: :grinning:

We lost our peach tree in the snow - yes, the one the bear ripped a branch off. Yikes. It looks like a war zone in our driveway.

Not to be ironical but for two months now Terri and I have had a reservation in on a motorhome rental and we picked it up last night. It sits, covered in snow, in our driveway. We’re going camping tonight even it we freeze to death.


Next week it’s back in the high 80’s.

Guess the old saying timing’s everything cuts both ways.

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Wow the weather has not been kind to you…any way the peach tree
can be saved by cutting as far back as possible?
Afore you go camping get a load of this 10 day weather map…
choose wisley good friend…don’t get stranded out in the wilds

Don’t forget the flu shot :innocent:

Best wishes Paul…thanks for chiming in…hope it is all well
for the entire PS A family team

A lot of the old trees here on Mapleton dropped their branches onto the road. Finally people are driving slower now! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll be driving around with the ol’ saw to help out a bit. Free fire wood!


Drive safely - it’s looking slick out there. I’d probably just sleep in my driveway :grin:

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My neighbor’s kids were complaining that they don’t get a Snow Day with virtual school…and then we lost power.

That’ll be the new “the dog ate my homework”… “We lost power…”


Yup 'n sure enough

Absolutely get that shot, but I was talking with my pharmacist… he’s not an epidemiologist so take this with a grain of salt…

Supposedly the flu travels from southern hemisphere to north, and with the lack of travel (plus the focus on social distancing, handwashing, distance learning, mask wearing), he’s thinking flu might be less pervasive this year.

Anyway, don’t quote me on anything, but I found his perspective interesting.

(for the record, I get a flu shot every year)

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Actually from the (cast) people that work at WDW resorts…flu gets started there in Fla is by way of the tristate area people arriving with the flu and coughing all over everyone trying to help them…instead of
cuffing their cough…so actually flu in Fla courtesy of tourist escaping the cold…

Yes on the flu shot …quadrivalent 2 A and 2 B strain…

Same in CO. The parks and ski resorts attract folks from all over the planet. Last time out early last March before everything shut down, I found myself standing next to a couple from Italy. (moved away briskly)

To control crowding, all the major ski resorts have announced that this season you’ll need to make a reservation to show up on any particular day - even if you have a season pass. That should be interesting.

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WDW doing the same thing to control and enable social distancing #
of people in a given space …my .02


Ok Beef what ya doing hangin’ 'round da forum with all that outside work to do…unless you got er done already…hmmm

Not my house (rental) so not my problem. In any case it is probably 16-18 inches at the base and 40’ long. Meanwhile a much smaller ash broke in half. Probably about 40’ tall. Also not my problem. Neither of these are causing any threats to life or power, so not critical, given the circumstances around town. However the owner says he found a service to come by today.

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