Axpona 2022 exhibitor list is out

Pretty impressive list of exhibitors. Show happens in two months.

No PSA, it appears.

Correct. We don’t yet feel comfortable exposing our team to the public.

It’s odd. For some reason (whichfull thinking?) we seem to believe CoViD is over. Last time I checked we were still losing a few thousand Americans each day. Probably should check again but in any case, it’s not over. More than that, our immunologist friends believe we have one more variant to go. They predict it will arrive in March. Fingers crossed they are wrong.


Other companies that I noticed missing include:
Conrad Johnson
Mark Levinson
Sonus Faber

I am on a wait-and-see mentality myself. I know a 48 year old woman whose 47 year old husband died in August 2021, 20 days after having developing his first covid symptoms. He had been lifting weights in a gym in July, was vaccinated (2 doses), but was on medication that lowers the immune system and the effectiveness of vaccines.

I have no idea whether covid numbers will go up again or continue going downward. Am hopeful that Omicron has spread itself out far enough to the point that we achieve herd immunity, so that numbers will continue to go down, and to the extent that another variant won’t spread here.

I’m most interested in seeing and hearing the new Luxman 100th anniversary amps (M10x, L507z), the new Kef Blades with meta, the Auralic suite of digital components, the new Atma-Sphere class D monoblocks that are $5.5k for a pair, the new B&W d4 series, the Esoteric dacs/players, Joseph Audio speakers (which I’ve never heard but everyone raves about), the current Krell amps, Magico speakers, the less expensive MSB dacs, the new Mytek dac offering, Rockport speakers (never heard), T+A amps (never heard), and VAC.

Three of those six brands are listed, but you have to view by brands to see them:

Was it AXPONA that did not refund exhibitor fees after cancelation or was that another expo?

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It was Axpona. They kept every exhibitor’s money even though the hotel refunded their payments for the rooms on our behalf.

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Prudent words from a Leader who understands risk.

The downstream effects of one individual catching COVID are immeasurable when you take into consideration that individual and their family. The thought of catching it, being relatively symptom free, and then passing it on to a family member who themselves becomes horribly ill, is why my Wife and I are being extremely cautions for the time being.

We are lucky, we don’t need to rush out just yet.

I will be there. Looking forward to it.


Your presence would be the only reason I would consider going this year. :wink:

If I was going, I’d carry your suitcase of cables.

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I will wear cables at the show and attempt to be Medusa.


I mean, there are vaccines and boosters and therapeutics that make risk of serious illness for anyone not immune compromised extremely low, right?

Whole company doesn’t need to go. Send James with the speakers and turn him loose! Then make him isolate for a week when he gets back. It’s 2022!
(tongue in cheek - not mocking covid effects for the vulnerable)

Revel and Mark Levenson appear part of Cintec’s exhibit.
Vandersteen speakers may be a part of the “Perfect Vinyl Forever” exhibit.
In the past, Vendersteen was part of a huge exhibit combined with Audioquest.
Audioquest is scheduled to be there this year, but is not listed who else will be there with them.

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None of us knows each others friends and families risk profile. As a leader I wouldn’t want to put that pressure on my Team.

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That’s true on risk profile, of course.

But it’s odd that the speakers would have shown at Rocky Mountain fest last fall had it been held yet not now when vaccines and boosters and therapeutics and tests are all much more available.

But to each their own

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My experience with other conferences currently scheduled is that the operators of the conferences are struggling to get both attendees and presenters. There are two conference in my area of expertise that I attend regularly, both of the agenda’s are light in session content and the quality of the presenters. I’m currently not planning on attending either.

Okay, but the Axpona exhibitor list kinda speaks for itself. Appears that most are charging ahead and that’s the main point.

I’m just happy the show is on and I hope I can go but with two teenagers that is always a question. Would be cool if PSA were there because how else you gonna hear the speakers but oh well, life goes on. Maybe next time. Plenty of other new stuff there to take in

We are in a state of trust with COVID.

  1. Can I trust myself to be safe as much as I need to?
  2. Can I trust those around me to be safe and consider me in their planning?

It’s like driving down a two lane road. The only thing separating your from the oncoming traffic is a painted line on the road. You have to implicitly trust that the driver coming towards you is going to do the right thing and they have to trust you.


Not a covid thread. An Axpona thread

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