Nordost Interconnects

Anyone compare the White Lightning to any of their other interconnects, like the Blue Heaven, Red Dawn or Heimdall 2?

I am curious how much more (and specifically what) I would get by upgrading. I am also curious how much my speaker cables will limit any improvement I make on my interconnect.

My system:

Marantz Ruby SA-KI
Hegel H390
B&W 704 S2
Nordost White lightening interconnect
Nordost 4 flat speaker cable

Thanks and happy new year!

I’m in process of upgrading all my cables. I think the biggest impact has been speaker cables, followed by power cables, then interconnects.

I’m using heimdall 2’s now, and they were a huge upgrade from my previous audioquest rocket cables. I recently changed from audioquest water xlr’s to Nordost Frey 2’s, and while I did get a more spacious and refined sound, it wasn’t as big an impact as the speaker cable upgrade.

Hope this helps some!

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Hey GeorgeP

I had started out using Bluejeans xlr cables as interconnects…
Just to try, stepped up to a 1.5 meter length of Nordost Red Dawn.
The result was so impressive I then ordered a 9’ run from preamp
to power amp…as a 30th anniv sale was running also ordered
a 2 meter pair of speaker cables. So I now have a full loom
of Nordost Red Dawn…the result is absolutely wonderful!!!

Are they bright No!!..However they do require a long burn in time.

It has been said that Focal Aria 900 series speakers are tizzy bright
due to the tnf (aluminum magnesium tweeter). in my system not so.
I have the Aria 948s…amazing speakers that flat get out of the way.

The same has crticism has been leveled against B+W speakers.
So having the same type of criticism leveled against our speakers,
my .02 opine is that you will have very similar results with the Nordost
Red Dawn as myself…

Right now my system is sounding superbly to my ears…
So go ahead get a home trial with the Red Dawns…

Allow burn in time…Believing you will be pleased.
Click on my avatar and you will see my gear listed.

Happy New Year
Best wishes