Speaker Cable and Interconnect Advice needed

First, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the Canare 4S11 compares with Nordost 4 flat or Nordost speaker cables (in general)?

Also, anyone happen to know what changes can be expected by changing interconnect cables vs speaker cables in a system?

To potentially replace my Nordost White Lightning interconnect, I have a Wireworld Eclipse 8 interconnect arriving tomorrow for my sole source component (I have read rave reviews about it and that it is tonally balanced), my Marantz SA-KI Ruby into my Yamaha A-S3200. Speakers are B&W 704 S2. I have come to think that maybe Nordost and/or silver coated cables might not be a good match for my system. At louder volumes on some recordings, I get a fatiguing, forward sound, espeicially in the mids and lower treble. So I want to fine tune my system with cables (I already upgraded my power cords to Viborg and Pangea and figure making one change at a time is the way to go.)

Would appreciate any thoughts on all this.


Hello, speaker cables make a big difference. It is best to compare how it sounds in your own system. It also depends on the other cables, components, speakers and wishes. I am using a Furutech Dss-4.1. I compared it with Audioquest Thunderbird, Firebird and Inakustik LS 4004. The Furutech sounded better than Inakustik and Thunderbird. Sonically in a Liga with the Firebird at a significantly lower price. I also tried a Tellurium Q diamond. Also a good sounding speaker cable. There are 3 different styles of sound. Neutral,Warm,Analytical. Connection cables also make a difference. I find the power cord and speaker wire make the biggest difference. Still have an Audioquest earth XLR left as I upgraded to a Silver Dragon. It made an improvement but not to the same extent as the power cords or speaker cords.

Neotech also has nice cables made of high quality OCC copper or silver

Greetings Andrew


Hi George, you might want to take a look at Iconoclast cables. www.iconoclast.com

There is an entire thread with nearly 4.8k posts - Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling

“Great” cables can take your audio system to incredible new levels. Take your time, do your homework and enjoy your quest.


Thanks, Bob. Any thoughts on how changes on how interconnects affect the system sound vs changes in speaker cables?

To many, speaker cables can offer the biggest bang for the buck since the improvements are global to the system. With IC’s and unless you are doing each of your component connections at the same time, the improvements are only the the individual link addressed such as DAC to pre or pre to power amp, etc. The improvements may or may not globally affect the entire system at once. Speaker cables of course do this.

Happy to discuss your goals, options and recommendations. You did mention your B&W’s and how they can at times perhaps be a bit edgy. These things should without question come into consideration. I will PM you with my info.


Thanks again Bob.

To be clear, other than power cables, I have only two wires in my system, an interconnect that connects my only source, Marantz Ruby SACD player and speaker cables.

So, in my case does that mean that changing interconnect will have similar effect as changing speaker cable? And do you have a sense what those chnages might be? Tonality, dynamics, imaging/

Thanks Andrew. I assume lower level Nordost is analytical?

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What matters is what you want to change or improve. First and important step power supply. A power cable at the beginning determines the sound and character of the entire system. Fuses make another difference. Speaker cables also make a big difference. Connection cables also make differences but a little less than power and speaker cables. Wait and see what your new connector does. How long are your speaker cables? And what bothers you at the moment or what would you like to change in the sound? Yamaha usually sounds a bit brighter. Your B&W of the small series also has a slight high tone sheen from my memory. Another option would be to upgrade their crossover. Another tweeter condenser. You can read up on what capacitors sound like and what they do on Toni Gee’s humbolt homemade Cap Test. Toni Gee has heard most of the capacitors and has described their sound well. My Furutech speaker cable works fine for me. But I could also imagine that it is too detailed with its components and heard that components in the treble could be revealed. There is an OCC copper ribbon speaker cable from Neotech that is not that expensive when sold by the meter. Similar to Wireworld. I could imagine it working fine. What about Zenwave cables? It is a US manufacturer that is highly praised in forums and also by Audio Bacon. Greetings Andrew

Hi again, Andrew,

Thansk for all that info.

As to whaat I want, I first want to ensure I am getting the most of my system and that my speaker cables and interconnect are not holding me back, limiting the sound quality of my system. My cables, speaker and IC, were bought when my system was 15% of its current cost. Speakers are the same but everythign else has changed/upgraded. I’d like the sound of my system to be more relaxed, so that when I turn it up, I get a nice full, big, sllightly warm sound with plenty of detail. I should add that I am very careful with masterings I buy, choosing only the best sounding options.

I upgraded all power cables in my system, Cullen Avius feeding the Stellar Power Plant 3, Viborg feeding the the A-S3200 and Pangea 14 SE mkii feeding the Marantz SA-KI Ruby.

And yes, I plan to try my Wireworld when it comes and take it from there, I am just trying to better understand this stuff so I can make wise upgrade choices in cables.

What speaker cables are you currently using? Which length ? What is the maximum cost of a new speaker cable ?

What model is the Viborg cable?

Greetings Andrew

I had tried the Tellurium Q Blue Diamond. It is the largest model in the Warm series. It had warmer tones than the Furutech DSS. Not quite as bright in the highs. It shone with a very pleasant sound. My tip would be to see if you can find a used one. It won’t disappoint you and will make your B&W speakers more enjoyable.

When it comes to the power supply, I see some potential with them.
On the P3, you could try a different fuse. Depending on the budget. There is an improvement and adjustment in the sound very clearly since your system is supplied by it. Even with power cable there is a lot of potential.
Also there is the question of how long the cables have to be and what are you willing to pay for a better sound.
It would be nice if you had the opportunity to borrow different cables and try them out.
I would recommend a Furutech Dps-4.1, maybe an Audioquest Hurricane for the P3 to see how sweet and thick it makes the music. I miss the details of the Hurricane HC. An Audioquest Firebird is warm woods and lacks the Hurricane’s lack of resolution.
You don’t have to buy ed just see what it can do.
If I lived in the USA I would have tried Zenwave cables a long time ago.

Greetings Andrew

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I would put ferrite beads in a drawer or in the trash, but never on my cables.

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It is also fun to jettison them with a slingshot!
Safety goggles a good plan.

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I can speak from experience. Depending on how many hours you listen per day the Thunderbirds and Firebirds can take up to a month before they finally sound right. Mine have been connected for 2 weeks and I still hear improvement everyday. Big improvement after two weeks. The first week my system was running 24/7.

I know a hifi dealer here with me very well. I had the Inakustik LS 4004 and the Audioquest Thunderbird from him at home for almost three months, both of which were already in business. The Thunderbird had good separation and dynamics. The LS 4004 has a bigger stage and played more musically. When the dealer got a new Furutech for a day from the German distributor to try out, I compared all three with a friend of mine. The Furutech combined all the advantages of the Inakustik LS 4004 and those of the Thunderbird. It showed at the same time who was the master of the ring. knockout So we compared it to the Audioquest Firebird that the dealer still had. Only the Firebird played in the same league as the Furutech Dss-4.1. The Furutech needs at least 300 hours of break-in time. And when it comes to value for money, Furutech has it no enemies to fear. The Furutech DPS-4.1 power cable is also highly recommended. It gets 98% of what you need right. And its timbre is unique. Bass slam and a nice timbre. The resolution of the DUCC/OCC copper is on the level of a silver cable with the sound signature of copper. The Audioquest Storm cables all have their own sound that has to match. They all make mistakes. And the price difference between Furutech and Dragon or Firebird is huge. But you don’t play better than the Furutech that would justify your price. Greetings Andrew


Cables are like seasoning on your food. Only you know what you like and everyone is different. Try to stay around 10% of your system’s value. If you exceed the 10% limit, you’re probably better off upgrading one of your components. Remember, you’re building a system.

That is interesting to know. I was thinking of my next upgrade of speaker cables may be AQ Firebird, but sounds like Furutech is up there with it too.

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I would suggest Kimber 8TC for a warm yet still detailed sound.


Yes, the Furutech has a natural sound paired with very good micro details. If you have the opportunity to test it, you should try it. You don’t do much wrong with the Dss-4.1 and Dps-4.1. It should fit most installations. I also find the cables from Zenwave interesting. Greetings Andrew

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Cables should be played out in your own environment if possible. The Michi S5 power amplifier and my AVM MA 8 mono amplifier reacted differently to cables. The Michi reacted strongly to power cables. With the AVM Mono’s it has made a small impact. I compared Audioquest power cables Dragon, Fierbird, Hurrican, Tornado, Furutech PSS, Furutech Tripple 31, Furutech 55, Furutech Dps-4.1. Speaker cable Audioquest Thunderbird (smaller series like Robin Hood, William Tell, Comet, Meteor in advance.) Inakustik LS 1302, LS-1602, LS 2004, LS 4004. The 4004 was my favorite speaker cable. It plays with bigger stage than the Thunderbird and more musically with more weight. With classical music, the musicians had more space and it was a realistic presentation. The Thunderbird has sharper definitions, but everything seemed a little smaller. When I heard the Furutech dss-4.1 for the first time, I was immediately enthusiastic. It has many positive attributes combined. Like a mixture of LS 4004 and Thunderbird. Greetings Andrew

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