Nordost QKore system grounding

I have just read very positive reviews of the Nordost QKore system grounding accessories. As I understand it, the principle function of their system is to reduce ground noise.

I believe my P5 Power Plant reduces noise by 80db. In addition, I have balanced connections throughout my system, the primary goal of which is reduce noise.

Is my system still at risk for noise creeping in? Is the kind of noise the Nodost system targets different from the noise my P5 and balanced cables address?

Why don’t the PowerPlants (especially the newer series which presumably went through a process of more R&D as well as design-improvement) have grounding posts on their chassis? Is there any reason why the principle of “star grounding” does not apply to the PowerPlants which I presumed to the be the logical place for grounding all of its plugged-in components? I have asked a similar question on the P-20 thread, but have received no response.

What is star grounding and should the PowerPlants have it?

Paul’s video: