NPC gain when connecting to BHK Signature Preamp

To Jamesh

Hi James,
As you helped me a couple a months ago with a question regarding the PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter I take the freedom to contact you directly.
I own a VPI turntable with a Ortofon Quintet Bronze cartridge. The out put of that cart is specified at 0.3 mV at 5cm/s so I have set the gain at the NPC at 75dB. That worked all fine when connecting the NPC to my DSD SR DAC via I2S. From the DAC the signal went with a XLR cable (attenuator enabked on the DSD) to my new BHK Signature 250 and that worked fine.
A few weeks ago I bought the BHK Signature Pre amp (demo unit from the Benelux distributor). The signal to and from the pre-amp all run via XLR cables. And wow what an upgrade is that Preamp.
Yesterday I connected the NPC to the preamp, also with XLR. I was lucky that the volume of the preamp when trying was set low because already with the volume on the preamp at 15 I reached a normal listening level.
When I listen to my other source – an Aurender S 10 streamer - via the DAC and the DAC at a fixed level of 85, I reach a normal listening level with a volume at preamp of 65 to 75.
So it seems to me that either the input sensitivity of the preamp is quite high, or the output level of the NPC is to high. It seems me that the only remedy for the problem is to lower the gain on the NPC to a much lower level in order to reach a normal listening level when the volume on the preamp is somewhere between 65 and 75. Is that a correct solution or are there any disadvantages of putting the gain on the NPC much lower than the output of thebcartridge normally requires.
Sorry for such a long story. I hope you can help.
Best regards from the Netherlands,
Dick van Werven

@jamesh apologies for jumping in.
Hi @sonusmusica
Could the S10 volume be adjusted a tad? Also, I would safely use the DS DAC at 88 - 92.

The highest I ever cranked the BHK since was 50! I would have used 60 or 70 if I had 50 watts per channel!

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Congrats on the new BHK pre and glad you’re liking it so far! Yes, 75dB gain on the NPC is almost maxing out what it can do. I would definitely lower that a bit in order to bring it a little closer to the level that your other sources are. There’s nothing wrong with this and will be a little safer when switching between your inputs. I know I would easily forget to turn the pre down every time I switch from digital listening to analog.

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Thanks Jamesh, that is a clear answer to my question.