Has there ever been a firmware upgrade for a NuWave Phono Converter

I was wondering if there has ever been a firmware upgrade for the NuWave Phono converter and if so when and what did it do?

Can’t say what the upgrades did (there have been several) but the latest version is on the downloads page.

I had to get the latest NPC FW update a few months ago so that the PHONO MUTE button on my BHKpre amp remote would work and mute the NPC output. But it did result in an issue where whenever you use the remote to control anything else it “wakes up” the NPC display without activating the auto-turn off timer in the NPC display. So as a result you have to then push a button on the NPC so that the timer activates and then turns off the display so that it doesn’t stay on indefinitely.


Interesting. I’d noticed my NPC display no longer turns off but didn’t know about the trick to reactivate the timer. Thanks. Would be nice if they fixed that but I suspect they have higher priorities at the moment.

Yeah… I mentioned the issue to Jeremy back at the mother ship in Boulder and they were able to replicate the issue. But as you say, it’s low on the programming firmware update priority list with the DAC’s and DMP consuming most of that resource activity.

Hijacking this thread…I’ve just received a Soundsmith Star MIMC whose output is rated at 0.4mV. Reading the Nuwave Phono specs it states a minimum input of 0.5mV. Am I going to need a SUT or will it still drive the Phono adequately. Anyone any experience/ideas???

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It will be fine!

I’ll second @sixpack1 - you should be just fine running your Soundsmith with the NPC.