Nuwave DAC - intermittent buzzing via USB

Hi— I’ve been happily using my Nuwave for about 6 months. I’m primarily using it to build a digital library of my vinyl with Vinyl Studio. But I just started getting a periodic buzzing when monitoring or recording through the Nuwave. I’m running an AudioQuest Carbon USB cord into my iMac. After testing, I don’t get the same buzzing when running the Nuwave to my speaker system. It’s strictly occurring when connected to my computer. Is this a familiar issue to you? Could it be an issue with the Nuwave? Or is it more likely to be something else? The USB cord? Thanks!

It’s likely some sort of grounding or cable issue. It’s not the NPC because if it were it’d always happen. You can give our customer service folks a call if you need some help.

Hi maruch,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that you are having this issue.

Since it is likely a grounding issue we can advise that you start by following this tutorial to try to trace the problem:

This is an extended version of the above tutorial:

If you still cannot solve the issue please reach out to us at and we’ll get you taken care of.


  • Jeremy

Happily, I believe this issue is fixed.

I tried everything— swapping USB cords, changing stylus, factory reset on NPC, etc. But my first clue was when I changed from my desktop computer to my laptop computer. Suddenly, no problem. So it was my desktop. Tried new USB ports and the issue lessened, but there was still periodic distortion. Rebooted the computer, and now I’ve played two sides of an album with no problem.

My best guess: it was a problem with RAM. Maybe that explains why it was a small problem with intermittent distortion at first, and then turned into a bigger problem with electronic tones that sounded like a modem or cell phone interference.

Thanks for your help! Great customer service.

– Mike

Wonderful news!

Let us hope it remains fixed. :slight_smile: