Nuwave DSD new owner :D


Just purchased used NuWave DSD DAC as my first DAC.
I’m happy with the improvements I noticed in my humble system.

I have an option to purchase very similar used product to the PS Audio LANRover. The product is from company called Icron and PS Audio redesign the LANRover from one of Icron products.
The Icron I can buy is similar model only with 5 ports and 24v power supply. Should be work fine with windows 10.
If it is really similar product to the LANRover, Can someone still recommend it?
It seems that PS Audio stop sale this product…wonder why.
Any other recommendation for Purifier and Reclocker ?

This is my main source so I want to maximize its performance.

Another questions about the Nuwave DSD - Can I remove the original feet? Or, If I want to install aftermarket feet I can only glue it near the original?



Hi Itamar, I left the original feet on my Nuwave DSDs. I use Audioquest sorbo feet on one, the other I use vibrapods. The idea is to isolate vibrations. I make sure the original feet don’t touch the shelf. Experiment with placement for the vibration devices to get best sound. Usually I will touch the top of the DAC while I tap the shelf the DAC is on. I start with placing the devices so the vibrations are best damped when feeling for vibrations on the top of the DAC. Dunno about the LAN Rover or other devices you are considering. I use Audioquest jitterbugs between the PC and the USB cable to the DAC. I chose not to use another one between the PC and my external drives as this would slow USB 3.0 transfer speed to USB 2.0. Happy experimenting! -Robert

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Thanks for for the recommendation.
The Audioquest Sorbo looks like interesting product.