USB recommendations for NuWave DSD DAC

Hello forum,
I just bought a NuWave DSD DAC and was wondering what are the community’s experience with various USB cables. I have a 2m Transparent Audio Performance USB and was wondering if I can improve on that. My source is Auralic Mini w/2TB internal HDD and Hegel H80.

Hi there. Try what you are considering for upgrade in your system, before you buy to see if want to keep, or upgrade elsewhere. I’ll explain below.

I have 2 different systems both using the NuWave DSD. I started one system with the Transparent Performance USB (like you). I went to an event where Transparent debuted their Premium USB. I upgraded to that. In the second system, I went from a Monster USB cable to a Shunyata Venom USB. Both higher rez USB cable upgrades had the effect of showing up all the shortcomings of the weaknesses in related gear. So that in mind, initial impression was disappointment. I did some experimenting with power cables. I upgraded to the Shunyata Delta NR for both DACs. I swapped some Power cords I had on the computers from Transaparent PowerLink Plus to a Shunyata Venom (used with the Venom USB) and upgraded Shunyata Diamondback to Transparent Premium Power cable (used with Transparent Premium USB). So the upgrades together were spendy but brought me to what the NuWave DSD is truly capable of. The soundstage got bigger other nuances came to life (pinpoint imaging, proper weighting of instruments, sounds in complex passages more resolved, control over bass improved, etc.).

I use primarily with Win10 Intel Corei3/i5 PCs and JRiver MC21. I use resampling for PCM to 2xDSD. I also use AQ Jitterbugs. Have fun!

Boom_boom thank you for your input. I have been reading the reviews on the following USB cables Curious, Lush, Sablon Elite and Light Speed 10G. Most of the reviewers are using these cables to connect an actual computer to their DACs as opposed to a dedicated server/streamer that is design for music. I am still on the fence about the cost/benefit ratio of using very expensive USB cable in my setup. I will keep you posted!