Solid silver mains wiring starting from the nearest transformer

Could we expect a more than subtle audible difference if all the mains wire running to the house (and in the house) from the nearest transformer was suitable gauge OCC silver?

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Well…? How is it?

I seriously doubt that anyone’s ever tried that… Also pretty sure that nobody in the world makes a cable with silver conductors that would meet the specs for use as a secondary drop from a distribution transformer to the meter socket of a residence.

I’ve never seen anything advertised for in-house silver conductor cable either, but that’s potentially something that you could at least have someone make for you (at a ridiculous price point).

Something more realistic, if you want to clean up the incoming power to your whole house, would be to contact your electric utility and tell them you want to have your own distribution transformer serving just your house. Most will let you do that, but you’ll have to pay for everything (equipment, install, etc…), and you’ll then be responsible for maintaining it, so if something fails, you’ll have to cover the cost of getting it fixed. Being on a separate transformer would have a much bigger impact on distortion and voltage sag than reconductoring (unless your secondary drop is undersized), even if you could use silver.


Yes, good points, I’ll have to see which is more expensive, haha.
Eventually I’ll have both made anyway. Electricity is, all in all, something I’ll eventually invest nearly all my capital in.

Idealistic concept:
Own oversized transformer, custom silver all the way, balanced mains with oversized isolation transformer, large enough for a house, silver contact recepatables, silver, silver all the way. Not to mention, OCC silver.
I frankly am not sure if I can ever have all this. Is this materialism…? Nah.

If anyone here can (for fun) approximate the costs for the mentioned installation and materials, with a reasonable error margin of let’s say 5000$

-Privately owned main transformer right next to house
-From there on, all pure silver wiring of proper (a tad oversized) gauge, including the ground wire (terminated to a pure copper rod into moist ground with an automated ground waterer that keeps the earth around the grounding rod ideally mineralized. Why not if we go this far… Jason Victor Serinus of SP actually worded the idea of periodically watering the grounding rod. He refrained just to keep a sane social status in his neighbourhood. Hhhhhh)
-For the fully balanced mains, an isolation transformer large enough to have 10x headroom for powering let’s say all modern mandatory appliances, lighting around fifty 50W lightbulbs (disregard the LEDs), water pump, floor heating at 24°C for let’s say 100m^2, oh, and the audio rig! Let’s say it’s a modestly power hungry system with all the bells and whistles that are mandatory such as power plants. Every device is on 100% of the time and the system is playing music at reasonably loud levels at least 50% of the time. Uhh, what else needs power?

As for how much 9AWG silver wire the house needs, let’s say… Frankly I don’t know, but let’s say it’s a 10m × 15m house with 10 rooms/spaces of various sizes, the listening room takes up 50m^2. Account for wire running along the perimeter and another wall per room and along the roofs, in pairs. So and so…
Total of 30 hospital grade rhodium sockets.

I know this is all very very vague, I’m just trying to get a grasp on how impossibly expensive something like this would be. Would you wager that someone actually has something like this? I mean, why not, all of this is relatively easily accomplished with some money. Meaning, a lot. Right?

Hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars is my best guess!

Well, thought so. But hey, some speakers cost hundreds of thousands, so surely someone out there has invested in having their mains topped out.
Maybe some heavily mains-piquant guy in Japan, at the very least?

Then again, could someone knowledgeable please clarify the approximate benefit that could be gained from all this superlative use of silver?

Obviously I’m presenting very idealistic concepts, but I wouldn’t consider them overly superlative in the sense that it’s all possible to do, be it hundreds of thousands or whatever.

I’d like to know a bit of mains cable protection, how important is the minimization of leakage? It got to my mind when I read the description of Mike Lavigne’s mains installation in his barn. Read about it, he’s quite the extremist about mains quality.
Obviously balanced mains does somewhat guarantee the benefit of the wiring as a whole not acting as a big antenna, so to say. The effect on audible aspects of such a reduction in local pollution is questionable but interesting.

It would be a good deal cheaper, and the sound would be much better, if one simply hired the musicians to play for you live.


What a hassle.
Not to mention how many of my favourite artists sadly aren’t with us in the material world anymore.
I mean… I can take a joke (maybe it wasn’t a joke) but seriously, I have to say… Reproduction of sound interests me seriously more than live concert(o)s. I’m somewhat of an experimenting electronic musician and thus what I create is by its nature, (re?)production of sound.

Anyhow, is there any, umm, “market” for very high quality vinyl rips? I mean like, ripped through a diamond stylus, precise 'table, good (tubed) phono, high-end ADC, and into ridiculously huge wav and/or even DSD files. Or simply the original masters. Why not…?
…what is even the status on selling vinyl rips? I’m guessing consumers can’t market them publicly. Their quality wouldn’t be standardized anyway.
…I really want to sample some vinyl clips where the edges and shape of, say, a piano are precisely imaged and you hear the room, etc. Clips like how Fremer often puts it with his military grade vinyl system. I want the described fidelity as a lossless file!
No…? Maybe not… I could email Fremer though and pay for his vinyl rips, privately, or is this seriously breaking a record company agreement? What if I (hypothetically) went to his house and he physically gave me some vinyl rips on an SSD, would this be an “agreeable” transaction then?
Off topic but I can’t bother to make a thread on this.