Octave DSD256 version not playing through Airlens

I have recently upgraded to the MK2 DAC + Airlens and should now be able to play Octave Records DSD256 downloads. Before upgrading I inadvertently purchased a DSD256 downloaded version of Octave’s Nightmares, which wouldn’t play of course through the MK1 DAC with Bridge. PSAudio kindly allowed me to download the DSD64 version, which played fine and does so also through the upgrades. However, the DSD256 version will still not play. I have tried the free “Native DSD 256 Starter Pack” download and it plays fine. I don’t want to invest in any more Octave DSD256 downloads until I’m sure they’ll play through my all PS Audio System (Airlens, MK2 DAC, BHKPre-Amp, BHK 250Power Amp).

As far as I remember, they uploaded wrong or corrupt file versions a few times already, so it might clear up easily as soon as they fix it.

Thanks jazznut. I’ll see if I can get PSAudio to provide a new download link.