Octave Records gets closer

Yes, this would be ideal;-)
Just as Chesky contracted Joe Henderson…but I guess it’s an absolute illusion.
I just hope it’s not one more female voice singing standards or some quiet folk :wink:

But maybe Gus has connections to Sony and their artists that help…

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Yes, I don’t say it’s realistic :wink: There’s just no reason why good cabling etc. shouldn’t help the pro equipment just as it helps in our homes I’d say

But back to the topic: are there any ideas about artists or genre yet?

If anybody cares to donate a console to Octave, my partner and I are selling the Manor Helios. It’s maybe too large, but Gus wants it.

Yes, we agree, content is king. We will do our damndest to get some great talent in there and while audio quality is, of course, critical to us the content means more.

One of the potential artists that we have a verbal “nod” to working with is Victor Wooten. This guy’s amazing and a god among bass players. He’s a huge fan of DSD and the Sonoma system and really cares about quality. Fingers crossed we can get
him to actually come in and record with his trio.


Thanks! Me as well. Now the challenge will be getting this tank up the stairs and into the new control room. Then, we’ll remove the 40 channels and rebuild them with new caps and replace the op amps.

Our chain will be to go from microphone to microphone preamp (looking now at building our own or going with Forsell’s) and from there straight into the ADC then into the 32 track Sonoma recording system. When it comes time to mix we will run the Sonoma output
through DirectStream DACs and into the Studer, mix the analog, then back out to ADCs and the Sonoma system.

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Hi Paul - what will be the product formats available from Octave Records? SACDs? LPs?
Downloadable DSD files? Thanks

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A bass player (and Jazz) would be great to start with!

I guess you can just take out that sentence - sorry - it’s confusing.

Man, that will sound sweet! I’m really curious how you will integrate a multichannel Direcstream DAC setup (32 tracks?). I love the sound of EMM Labs converters that I’ve heard in the Sonoma, but I imagine the Direcstreams would greatly improve the noise levels (assuming you are recording at 64x or 128x), making it much easier to mix many tracks.

The ONE Sonoma Master SACD was great. Looking forward to hearing the same awesome engineering from Gus & PS Audio.

just seeing this now! jeezuz Paul - this is so freaking cool!!
you guys rock. can’t wait to see it / hear it!! let 'er rip fellas!


I guess my less polite point is that I’m not sure the world needs another audiophile record label and I don’t think that’s part of Octave Records’ plan.

Your thinking is for them to focus on content and not on pushing audiophile buttons?

Thanks! We’re trying.

We’re still in the sketch stages but we’ll likely have a stack of DirectStreams to act as the DAs. The Meitners will certainly be the AD.

I know, and I get why some will be less encouraged to support “yet another Audiophile label” but that’s exactly what we intend to do and then not at all. Let me explain.

Our intent is several fold. First and foremost we want to produce state of the art recordings based on the Sonoma DSD system originally developed by Sony and now owned by Gus. This amazing system is one of a kind in the world and the finest analog capture system ever built. It tears my heart out to see it used sparingly.

Secondly there is a widening hole in the music industry, one with its roots in the heart of what used to make it all work. Money. It’s increasingly difficult for artists to make a living making music. It’s never been easy, but the trend today is going in the wrong direction and we’d like to change that. When artists work with Octave Records it is the label that covers all expenses and it will be the musicians that get an equitable share in the proceeds. Octave records acts as labels used to covering: production, marketing, recording, pressing, mastering, and distribution costs freeing musicians to focus on music. Octave Records will then retail the final products (cutting out the middle men) and share 30% of the revenue with the musician. (Typically, musicians might get a percentage of the “profits” if there were any. In our model “profit” isn’t the goal, but getting money to the artists at no risk to them is).

Last, we would strive to bring a level of talent and performance to the world reminiscent of the independent labels of the past. Those labels brought us Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Otis Redding and on and on.

Lofty goals but that’s what’s in our hearts. I hope our community will support our efforts. We start small but bigger things come from seeds planted early.


Plus it will be fun!

I’m sure PSA has thought of this but it strikes me that Octave is a well-used name (i.e. trademark issues).
For example, Octave Audio: http://www.octave.de/en/