Octave Records Master Format Change from "Out of Thin Air"

I purchased the Octave Records inaugural disc version of Don Guisin’s “Out of Thin Air”. This purchase came with two discs. One SACD and one DVD data disc. The data disc’s DSD files (.dsf) are easily accessible via computer to add to your music server. Loved it! I failed to realize PS Audio was not making this an Octave Records standard.

I’m baffled with decision to change formats. Otis Taylor’s “Hey Joe Opus / Red Meat” (and presumably “Temporary Circumstances.”) only has the SACD. I can’t access the DSD files. Why?!

Can someone point me to EASY directions to rip the DSD files from the SACD (Windows 10) or was I supposed to receive a download link with my disc purchase??? :thinking: I want the disc for archival purposes and the DSD files for (Roon) music server playback.




Yes, sorry about that. We are groping our way through the dark with Octave Records. Trying to find exactly how to do it all and make it right.

Don’s album, while terrific, was a bit of a logistical nightmare. When we first launched we had no means of offering a download option for those that wanted to have a digital copy for their computer. Thus, we decided to include a second data disc to solve that problem. Unfortunately, the two discs came from different pressing plants and because of CoViD, we were forced to handle assemble all 2,000 packages (neither pressing plant would touch the discs from the other pressing plant). We literally had discs and people strewn about the warehouse trying to fulfill orders. Let’s not worry about how much money we lost on that release, I view it as the price of admission and learning.

Halfway through the launch of Grusin’s album our engineering team figured out how to setup downloads in a way that satisfied our contractual arrangements with making sure the artist gets paid (which is why we cannot do a download coupon - as we have to pay the artist for each copy).

In the next two releases we determined not to shoot ourselves in the proverbial foot again so we stayed with the SACD and downloads. This allows us to keep precise track of how many copies are released and make sure the artists get their payments and royalties (Hey Joe, for example, has to pay separate royalties to the song writer). While not perfect, it worked and our accounting department agreed to not jump out the window.

Now, we’ve finally figured out how to get the Austrian pressing plant to include both the SACD and a data disc in the same package. So, our next release, The Audiophile Reference Disc, will have two discs and be available for download purchase.

That will be our template as we move forward.

Growing pains. This is how we learn. Thanks for your patience.

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So, Paul, does this mean on “Hey Joe” those who purchased the SACD have access to downloadable data files, or were those who wanted both formats required to make two purchases?

I believe required to make two purchases.

Sounds good… moving forward. But what’s the solution for us early adopters?

Will we receive a personalized download link?
Will we receive a free CD-R with the DSD files in the mail?
Will we receive a free coupon code to purchase any download?
Do we have the option to return the disc for full a refund?




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