PS Sprout Problem

I recently bought a brand new PS Sprout from Amazon and hooked it up to my Wharfedale 10.1 speakers. Initially, everything was great. Beautiful sound, smooth functioning, no issues. We let it play for about 5 hours last evening at low volume and turned it off for the night.

Upon turning it on this morning the Sprout blasted high decibel static and buzzing even with the volume turned all the way down. I thought maybe it was a Bluetooth issue so I tried it on all input options and it had the same problem. Then I disconnected the speakers and hooked it up to the headphones and again the same ear shattering sound. Thinking maybe it was a power issue I moved it to various outlets in the house and again no luck.

Not sure why it worked flawlessly at first only to be possessed the morning after. Really disappointed because it sounded so great.

Has anyone had this experience? My gut tells me something is fried internally.


Sounds bad. I suggest you call PS Audio support on Monday.