Sprout died......

Sprout, Sonos Connect through Coax, Dual 1019 Turntable.

Today while listening to some music on the Sonos, the left channel died. Turned the unit off and let it sit for awhile and still nothing. Went to play an album and it played for five seconds then the left channel died. Ran the Sonos through the analog input and left still dead. Switched speaker cables and only the right channel works…

Sorry to hear. I’d contact PS Audio. I’m sure they will be able to assist. It sounds like you did due dilligence debugging the problem and really have a dead left channel. Sad to say this can happen with just about any amplifier.

I got the replacement Sprout right away. Works flawlessly. I noticed when I was boxing up the dead one there was something rattling inside…

I looked long and hard could not find any other users with a defective one, so I had no problem getting another as things just happen. Plus I have been cursed this last few weeks. I’ll just do bullet points. :)

  • My recapped and LED upgraded Marantz 2220 had the phono die. So that is why I bought the Sprout....figured it was time for something different.
  • First Sprout died...second is flawless.
  • I have a Dual 1019 and occasionally have to remove the cart holder and deoxit the contacts. Had a few too many beers and dropped it and the holder broke. Sourced a new one, but decided it was also time to get a better TT. So I ordered a Rega RP1 from Amazon. Rega box was inside a Amazon box. Amazon box was perfect, so I signed for it. But the Rega box inside looks like a pit bull and a bear fought over it. Some damage to the plynth. It went back and I got a replacement. All is good.
  • Yesterday, my laptop took a shit and I came out this morning to find I had a flat tire. Oh and my cat was diagnosed with diabetes week before last. $320 for the vet, $93 for the Lantus pen, $26 from the needles and $29 for a glucose monitor.
  • And I am turning 50 in two days.
  • But except for the laptop....Sunday was awesome. Wife and I spun a couple dozen records all day and they sound amazing through the Sprout and Rega.

Yikes!! I am happy at least Sprout’s getting you good music!!