One Subwoofer In The Middle

Sweet, thanks. That’s a nice looking item…

We’ve been happy with it. It’s solid. It’s on 4 Iso-puck’s. The price is up a bit in 2 years…no surprise I guess.

Wow! That is one tastefully decorated room. I love the color of the walls!

Thank you. My wife has many talents! She envisions it and I execute.

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Depending on your room and frequency transition to your main speakers you may hear the position of your subs that is correct.

If I had the space I’d have two subs and big speakers. When it comes to clean bass there is only a single substitute for cubic inch, more … .

But, like many others, I do not have that real estate and even a single subwoofer is a huge compromise between quality of limited living space and sound quality.

And then, even without a subwoofer I enjoy listening to my music system, but I keep wondering how it would sound with those low frequencies audible.

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I have a real time analyser on a lot of the time - I know what I am missing.
Not much on most music, but some elctronica has pure tone fundamental notes down below 30 Hz and I’m missing it :slight_smile:


You are correct, most sounds people think are in the sub bass range are not. Even bass guitar, tuba, contra bass and drums can be heard, perhaps these sounds are not as good / clean as with the bass fundament present.

We listen a lot to church organ music and miss the 16’ and 32’ pipe signal.

With lock down, we are hardly able to go to church and enjoy our organ (live is the best).

A low frequency fundament makes church organ music definitely more attractive to play through your home audio system.

Although I consider a separate Subwoofer is like a can of worms, I am curious what improvement it would bring.


Agreed! With my 3db down at 18Hz and 9db down at 15hZ Sub, I can feel the 32’ pipe organ fundamental in my room without “hearing” it! Live cathedral pipe organ recordings sound Huge and realistic as deep sustained foot pedal vibrations and long reverberations come through with stunning authority!! !

IMHO, if you enjoy recorded pipe organ genre, a quality sub is a must! :wink:



Thanks Ted, you might have mentioned it already, but what sub do you own?

It is an Axiom Audio EP500 Epicenter DSP V2…15 years old 500W ported 12" Al Cone! It’s very musical, great tonality, fast, tight and Deep!! :grin:


What do you think of listening to pipe organ recordings on headphones? I miss the visceral aspect, but good headphones will produce very low notes making the experience enjoyable.


Put the sub in the middle and if it sounds good leave it. Your room will tell you where it sounds best.

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That would work well. Provided the music is played on a single organ, sound staging is less critical, such that the compromise of headphones is reduced. As headphones are less capability to provide sound staging sound staging compared to speakers.

I am not much of a head-fi guy. I (used to) travel too much with headphones to enjoy utilizing them at home. Have worn out different types: in ears and over ears, each causing their own issues when using them several hours in a row. But the noise cancelling is preferred to give rest and listen to sound at normal volume over not wearing them in the airplane.

Also listening to organ music is an event I enjoy together with my wife, headphones make it a less social event I am afraid.

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You might want to check out this video series.


Thanks John, this is really good information, long sessions, but it’s worth the time.

The presentations made me shiver though, for good (linear) bass you would need not 1, not 2 but 4 subwoofers. I don’t doubt the experience of the presenters, but I don’t have that budget, neither will my wife ever allow 4 subs in a single room.

The videos basically state that a single sub is horrible, and a second sub might approve it a bit.

So even spending thousands of dollars on speakers, and even adding a subwoofer, proper low frequency reproduction will remain an illusion.

For putting an improved stereo in the living room the videos are not really a motivator if you look for extended bass and I actually am reconsidering whether I will buy new speakers at all.

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