Can You Believe tglenn Allows This In Her House?


In the loft, the speaker positioning is suboptimal. The line source helps. The triple play of PSA gear is just outstanding. Beyond that is a PSA 4.5 preamp on top of a Behringer DCX24/96 which feeds the Bryston and HSU amps on the floor. None of the signal above 150Hz passes through the Behringer and the signal to the big dipoles through the PSA stack is completely independent from the bass system.


This is the server side. A bit messy with power supplies and a hard drive splayed out. The speaker baffles have yet to be finished but this is their final positioning. They are arranged like an accordion, with the outer baffle gently splayed back, the driver facing the listening position and the inner baffle brought forward as a waveguide. The size and positions of the baffles were determined over a period of years and done entirely by ear. There are lumps and bumps in the frequency response (in room) but each time I went to smooth them out I did not like the sound. I just got 4 more 15" woofers that I will place in W baffles on each side. Lots of driver area is a must since everything is open baffle in this system except for the HSU subs, which are hiding.


From the listening position.

I’m with tglenn, she knows good setup and good sound! That wglenn fella is out of his mind. Sure looks like there would be a huge suck out in the middle … of the room! And that equipment rack, does it serve as an ottoman when you feel like stretching out? 65_gif

[Full disclosure … This is humor!]

4_gifIt’s close quarters with the gear!

If only you could get rid of that darn railing…

One audiophile chainsaw, coming up!lg-_cs.jpg