Opening a topic

I can do it on my phone, as I am now, but don’t get the new topic tab on my laptop. Hopefully one of the mods can assist me. I rarely do this so if I am making a rookie mistake I apologize in advance

As in you can’t create a new topic while you’re on a computer?

Correct, I don’t see the New Topic tab when I open one of main topics like Cables, or Everything Else, I just get the list of prior topics

In fact this is odd, I can’t see the very top of the page, it’s behindthe upper bar where the logo is

Super un-intuitive on iPad as well. I started one the other day, and can’t figure out how I did it.

this is what I see in this topic, see how it’s scrolled all the way up but you cant see the top of the page

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Thanks for complaining for me; but, I will take the criticism for both of us for being a complainer. I have the same problems.

Oh yeah - when I pull down on the page, it is hidden under the banner, where you can’t tap it.

Well I am starting to not feel like I am a lonely dolt, guess it’s good to see I am not the only one who has the trouble but sad anyone else does as well

First snap is when I’m on the home page. I can create a new topic there.

Second snap is this thread at the top. I don’t know why you can’t scroll to the top.

Click your Icon/click the human silhouette/Preferences/Interface/Theme…select Vincent instead of PS Audio and click “Save Changes”

Sorry, that took me a couple of tries to type correctly. But I swear I started a thread the other day without having to do any of that… :thinking:

This is what I see on the forum home page, as you can see the top is cut off by the banner. works fine on my phone where I see the new topic tab

Yeah - that is a PS Audio Theme thing, at least on iOS.

I don’t see interface but will keep trying’

OK Did it and I see the new topic tab, will have to get used to the dark mode but at least I can see it

Forgive me Mark, I didn’t say thanks for helping, much obliged

No worries - what is pissing me off is that I’m pretty sure there’s a workaround…

Thanks Mark. Yeah, the Vincent works along with Dark. Sorry for my confusion, I never knew this happened.

Hey, if you get the light to work let me know, dark is a bit difficult for me. Not impossible so we’re all good but would be nice

@Elk do you know how to make it so the banner isn’t in the way?