Forum: White blob in dark mode

Anyone use dark mode on the forum see a change to the forum format for the worse? The PS Audio button, and ribbon at the top, is now white while the PS Audio symbol takes you to the commercial site as opposed to the forum home page. Ug!


Yes - I just noticed that on a refresh. White at the top


A bit unusual, and hard on the eyes.


It’s even worse on my phone (iphone and safari) since the home choice is obscured when holding the phone in portrait.


I’m hoping it’s fixed as it is distracting.


The logo was assigned to bring one to the main website home many months ago. To return to the forum main page one clicks on the back arrow. Has this changed?

We tried to address/ succeeded addressing the white banner a long time ago. Was it working as one would want it to a day or two ago? (I do not use dark mode).

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yep - it was working just fine in dark mode for me until today


And now the home button take me to the PS Audio site instead of home here.
Somebody doesn’t check their work.

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Probably need to give some time for the PS A team to sort it out.

I actually LIKE that the blue PS Audio button on the white rectangle takes me to the PS Audio main website.
But do wish that there was a black background for the while rectangle while in dark mode.
By the way, LOVE dark mode for these forums.

There always should be a global top of forum button - relying on the back button is very 2003 :wink:

And yes, until today, in dark mode, the blue blob was that button - top of forum and certainly not a link to psa sales site plus there was not the white banner accompanying it with the other psa links either.

This change has decreased usability and, in my case at least, accessibility of the forum significantly especially on mobile and I for one formally request a return to previous behaviour please :slight_smile:

Honestly, you’d think the vast sums we all pay monthly to use this forum would mean something!

Oh :wink:


Who in the heck authorized this change?

Please (@Paul) make it stop.

This banner literally ruins the experience.

Who should we contact to address this and get it reversed.



Just started sometime this afternoon.

It’s not simply a matter of preference, it actually hinders functionality.


Just remembered how this played out a few months ago - @elk assigned the blue blob to sales site, we all moaned, compromise (accidental or purposeful can’t recall) that dark mode had blue blob as top level with no extra top banner links (and no white banner) meanwhile white mode had the blue blob going to sales site plus full top left banner.

Some how today the dark mode must have picked up the white mode setting (I can imagine a couple of scenarios) so now does the same as white mode.

I stand by what I said, (at least dark mode) needs to have a top level forum button visible at all times.
And I for one want to see that white top banner shiz go also.

Folks who want the full white banner and links to sales site can use white mode, us creatures of the night can use dark mode without all that sales link stuff and our beloved (and essential, and entirely modern) top level forum button, and everyone’s a winner.
You know it makes sense :slight_smile:


FWIW, here are some pictures (better than two thousand words) to illustrate the problem:

Once you enter a thread, you can no longer see the forum headers (e.g., “all categories”, “all tags”, “Categories”, etc).

To navigate, you have to go to the top left and click on THE Hi-FI FAMILY and then click on FORUMS in order for the forum headers to return.


Also - the “Back” button often takes me to the local cached version rather than a refreshed version hence notification counts etc. are then wrong - a global top level forum button (i.e. as the Blue Blob was until this afternoon) also serves to refresh the page so notification counts for each topic and personal notifications etc. are updated every time.

Blue Blob is Top Level Forum! Fight The Man!!!


To add insult to injury, if you go back to the white bar and click on Hi-Fi Family, then click on Forums, the drop-down list — a large white rectangle that does not belong in a dark mode setup – stays in place until you select a topic.

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I found the home button, doh. But the overwhelming harsh white bar is persistent. It’s a feature, not a bug. I hates it. It wrecks the mood.


On my phone it isn’t white. There’s hope.



Phone (ios) is worse. Forum is now unusable on my phone


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