Opening the BHK pre

I am challenged to change out a light bulb.
can anyone tell me what type of screwdriver to use to open the BHK pre?

thank you

If you’re just trying to change tubes/jumpers then a standard phillips head screwdriver will remove the slotted cover on top.

Thx man
So embarrassed to have to ask

If I remember correctly the screws can be a little tight. Make sure you use a phillips that’s nice and snug in the screw head. Once you’ve worked that out, the rest is very easy.

Have fun!

Be sure to unplug it and wait 30 minutes before you take the lid off.


Thanks all
Mission completed
It went well and was easy


Would you do my McIntosh amp now? They’re all soldered in :hot_face:

Super! Congrats!

I forgot to ask, what tubes were you going from and what did you replace them with?

swapping the Tubes in BHK pre part of my on going quest to determine what is causing the the buzz in my speakers. It definitely is the BHK pre. Whether or not its an interconnect issue or the actually Pre is not assured yet.

I put in a set of Golden Lions and the pre emitted an high pitched sound that was quite audible (there is a thread about this).

I then put in a set of Mazda Radios there was no high pitched noise but the buzz in my speakers was still there and i took them out and reinstalled the stocks and will send pre back to PSAduio for evaluation.

i did not listen to any music as the goal was to determine if the speaker buzz would go away with tube switch

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Have you tried taking the Pre out of the chain and cabling your DAC directly to your Amp?

Yes this current state
Direct stream dac to m1200
Sounds great
Pre going to psaudio tomorrow
No buzz in speakers using dac>amps


When using bhk pre speaker buzz goes away when pre is muted

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Make sure you use incandescent Bulbs from McIntosh anything else and they burn out in two years.

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