Optical audio out of TV into DSD


Does anyone have experience with taking an optical audio out of a television into the Directstream? I would set the optical to PCM. The part I can’t figure out is if they output stereo only. It seems like it depends upon the TV manufacturer. If it outputs two channel, I assume it’ll work fine. If the TV outputs 5.1 or something else, I assume it won’t work. The TV I own now only gives you a choice between PCM and Dolby digital on the optical audio out.

I’m getting rid of my home theater receiver and going to a straight two channel system. The TV would have two inputs: cable box and an Apple TV with audio coming out of the TV into the DSD and thus my two cannel stereo. Will this work?



In my limited experience with a Samsung HDTV, if you set it for PCM, it will output only the stereo. The Dolby Digital is the surround data. I think DVD-A players used PCM for surround, but then you had the option to choose stereo or 5.1 in the player’s menu.
I think you could test it with your HT receiver. I would think you now have it set to output DD, change it to PCM, either your receiver will tell you it is stereo, and/or there will be no sound coming out of the surround speakers.
I am sure, set to PCM it will work with your DSD.


It will work.


I have my TVs TOSLINK out to the DSD. Works fine, but volume is lower than other inputs.


It depends on the TV. Mine does not output optical when the signal comes from other inputs like HDMI. It only outputs when the source is the built-in Chromecast. It’s a tuner-less Vizio from 2016.

I would test it before getting rid of the receiver if you can.

However, all is not lost, these work great. HDMI goes in, HDMI and optical come out.


Perfect solution if the optical out of the TV doesn’t work. One way or the other, I’m getting rid of the surround receiver. Simplifying/shrinking my setup and going 2 channel. Going to buy a new TV so checking to see if it works ahead of time will be minimually practical. Knowing I can cludge a solution together is good enough. Thanks!